Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Two Lines

The Challenge this week that the Diva has stated... is to tie two Pens/pencils together  to create the String...  I love doing this...  To me it is sheer fun...  so here is my Challenge tile for this week...  

 Wild lines... but so much fun filling in around them...  I also even filled in some of them... LOL... jsut got a little carried away...  

It reminds me of after all the presents are open... and the mess on the floor is ribbon, paper and all kinds of wrappings...  what fun is that too..  

Speaking of which...  We are having out kids all visit this week... and so we are going to celebrate all the 'boys' birthdays...  our son in law is in May... and our grandson in July and our son in September...  my hubby in October... so we are having a Birthday Party... right down to pin the tail on the donkey... of which I have to draw yet...  LOL.. what fun we are going to have...Happy Birthday to everyone out there.. no matter when your birthday is.. Happy Birthday...  

This past week-end I gave out 44 boxes for everyones Birthday...  it is a time to celebrate no matter for what... Happy what ever day...  

Hope you have a very enjoyable week...  and create lots and lots of pretty and fun things... create from the heart and enjoy it all.. 

Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and I will see you soon...  
Love, Light and Peace..Bonnie  


  1. Wonderful tile! The ribbon is so pretty in flow! I love the tangles you chose. The composition is well-balanced!

  2. Beautiful! Love those white highlights!

  3. Love your tile but also love your idea of a group birthday. Have a wonderful time!

  4. Looks great. Love the combination of fill and negative space.

  5. A very beautiful and very 'Bonnie' tile! Enjoy all the birthdays!