Saturday, December 8, 2012

Snowflake Zendala

The Bright Owl (Erin) has given us a challenge that is so very much fun... you have to check it out and try it... wow... puts a whole different slant to paper snowflakes that you made when you were a kid...  LOL.. so much fun... T hanks so very much Erin for the tutorial on this too... wow... love it... 

So... here is my snowflake...  

 I folded paper and made a snowflake like I did when I was little girl...  oh okay... I did it in high school too...  LOL...  

 And then I traced it and added some lines...  maybe a few too many... but I love it...  

I love this whole process... 

All I could see was a poinsettia...  me and my flowers... but I so love them.. . 

 And I added some leaves too...  I love leaves too.. . LOL...  so I have my poinsettia in the center and some cyclamen on the outer edges...  I love them too...  

So there is my very own zendala...  Love it... 

I will be making more... and please feel free to copy the one above and use it too...  have fun.. 

And please enjoy the wonderful day we have at this time of year.. 
Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie  


  1. Bonnie, your snowflake pattern and your finished zendala are both beautiful!

  2. Wow Bonnie, you have really outdone yourself this time. I love your snowflake and the lines you added make for a beautiful Zendala. I really enjoy reading your blog posts.

  3. Great snowflake zendala - so Christmas!

  4. I agree with all comments above. Great Christmas look-a-like snowflake template. And you made a beautiful colored Zendala out of it. Wel done !

  5. Love the pointsettia idea. Beautifully done!

  6. Love your beautiful Pointsettia flower zendala!

  7. beautiful, bonnie, and so Christmasey! i love your flowers, too!

  8. What a super job you did turning the snowflake into such a cool zendala. Love the end results, too.