Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Loopy Loops

Well My pen was found doodling again... LOL.. .and it was drawing loops all over the paper!!! Go figure that one...  anyway... this is what happened... 

Since I did the last Challenge piece with the loops going outward.. .I went inward with this one... and made them smaller so that the whole page was covered with them.. . 

I like the way it turned out and could have filled in more... but I wanted to go to sleep...  it was a long day...  so here it is...  

Hope that you take a look over at I am the DIVA and join in on the fun.. . love doing these... thanks Laura and everyone that helps with this process...  like Margaret and all the other gals...  and thank you for all your great comments...  I love you all...  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and hope to see you tomorrow... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie  


  1. I love the way it turned out! Glad you captured the dragonfly as he flew by.

  2. I love that you looped away. It gave us something spectacular to look at!

  3. Your many loops are great looking.

  4. Love the whole bunch of loops, and the dragonfly brings lovely life to it.