Monday, December 10, 2012


It's Monday again... and the Diva  
has Margaret as a guest challenger... and this week Margaret wants us to make loops... that will create string... so I did mine outward...  
as I felt it would give me more freedom to move around the paper...  My tile is 5x5 and so I had plenty of room to play with...  

What fun this was...  
I hope you can see the loops...  
 It is trying to rain here... so today is a GREAT day to clean out all the excess STUFF in my studio that I have been using...  There is way too much in there.. and I am going to move my sewing, felting, jewelry making and spinning into my studio now too.. I would like to have that extra bedroom!!!  

So I am going to be busy busy busy... hopefully I will get this all done prior to January 1...  just my own personal deadline...  would like to start the new year out in a clean state... LOL...  organized and with less...  

Hope you have a nice day where you are... we are sort of trying to get some much needed rain... and so it is overcast and gray... yuckie... but only if we don't get the rain...  come on rain...  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and thanks again for all your lovely comments... I wish I could get around to see all that you are doing...  someday soon... HOPEFULLY they will realize that people out here in the sticks need dsl too... LOL... 

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie 


  1. What a fun & funky selection & arrangement of tangles! Your tile reminds me of a busy family gathering around a dinner table to spend time together and share their various activities of the day.

  2. I like the surprise element of the tile ,it's like a pop-out box

  3. Gorgeous design, beautifully shaded. There is a wonderful assortment of tangles here, all working well together.

  4. I really like the package in the middle and the scary blades out the back that have caught an escaping pearl!

  5. I like the way you designed your centre Bonnie!

  6. I love how it looks like you're peeling something back to see what's underneath. Genius!

  7. Lovely! Really like your version of hollibaugh.