Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy 100th WOW!!!!

You have to say HAPPY 100th Anniversary to Laura for posting 100 challenges that have created so much love and happiness to so many wonderful people...  CONGRATS again Laura... a standing ovation is in order...  

And Thank You Marie for all the great new tangles and examples of you tiles...  

Laura even did a video... so you can watch that... I am not really sure what is on it... (dial up situation!!!  UGH)  but go take a look...  
It is all on  I am the DIVA challenge today... 

So much EYE CANDY for sure.. thanks to you both...  

Well here is my contribution to the new tangles and also congrats...  

 My TIA today is a little bit larger than normal... as I wanted to add a lot of details and Happy-ness to the TIA... so it is 9X8.5....  give or take a little bit..

Of course I had to get a few flowers in there... and the Happy 100th 

Yes I had fun doing this... I actually didn't want to stop... but have so very much to get done today... and wanted to post this...  

Thanks so much for stopping by... and the next Diva Challenge will not be until January 7th... wow  that sounds like a long time away... and yet in reality it is not...  
 See you tomorrow... as I will be here...  
Have a great one today...  Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie  


  1. Fabulously beautiful You have perfected this new pattern. What a lovely ZT!

  2. A beautiful tile to capture the spirit of the moment!

  3. Your commemorative ZIA exudes joy.
    Love, Light, and Peace to YOU, Bonnie!

  4. Super beautiful tile Bonnie!
    Very creative, Love all of your work!

  5. This tile took my breath away. What a beautiful tribute. It made me smile. Thank you!

  6. Delightful! Your ZIA is a creative treat Bonnie!

  7. This is a great anniversary card. It looks like an ocean scene. I like that very much. Great attribute to the 100th diva challenge.

  8. A very happy and beautiful piece!

  9. A beautiful Zia, with a beautiful design.

  10. Love your beautiful and fluid piece. Thanks for share!

  11. pretty, bonnie! i always love your work - so lively and wonderful :)

  12. Great way to celebrate the 100th challenge. Love your TIA!