Saturday, October 13, 2012

Black and White Zendalas today!!!

Today is another busy day on the Farm... and I took the morning to get all my stuff done, so that I could play for a while... which is just about all that I got... A LITTLE WHILE... but I had a lot of fun while I was playing... so that is what counts...  

Erin, I  LOVE this zendala...  really great...Erin of The Bright OWL is going to be starting Nursing school soon, and asked us to be nice to her... as she might not be able to get all the zendalas published as she does now...  Well Erin ... .that all depends... LOL...  WE might be...  !!!!    

Actually I think you will make out fine...  school will be fun and very educational...  and it sounds like you have a great cheering gallery behind you...  we are all also behind you... so don't forget that...  I know that if you need help I am sure that any of us will certainly do the challenge for that week...  not a problem..  so rely on me to help please...   I am a little addicted to these things...  
Ahem...  ahem... ahem.... ( clearing of my throat!!!)

Speaking of being addicted...  I couldn't do just one of these this week... I just sat and played until they brought me things that I had to do... did them and went right back to tangling more...  what fun...  

WE are picking/digging sweet potatoes today...  they will be cured and ready for market in late November early December...  they are so pretty when they come out of the ground.. . some are huge this year..  Love harvest days... so many hands make work light...  

So here are my three zendalas...  

 Growing up, I lived on Oak Tree Lane... so I always think of acorns in the fall of the year... my dear Dad use to say that the squirrels would sit up there and roll them down the roof to make noise... LOL..  he had a love/hate relationship with the squirrels in the neighborhood!!!  And he also had one that would come and eat out of this hand ...  true love hate relationship.   

 I just had fun filling in these other two zendalas...  with all kinds of things... I love the girlande as a wreath... and the shells around the flowers...  

(Love snails and flowers... in case you didnt know ...)  

 Used the Presswood and tried to make it look like it went behind the hearts... which are attached to the top and anchored into the center of the zendala...  I really had fun with this zendala this week...  maybe it is because it is a beautiful day... and now I am going to go start to put away some of the bushel baskets...  we have over 60 waiting for me to get into place around the old wood stove...  wow... great harvest this year...  

Hope you are having a wonderful day... enjoying the weather.. no matter what it is...  and thanks for stopping by for a visit...  

See you soon... 
Love, Light and Peace....Bonnie  


  1. Well Bonnie, you made some beautifull zendala's!
    In holland there is very much rain!

  2. Bonnie they are beautiful. The one with the oak is outstanding. And they alle look like holding playing cards in your hands. Great shading on the boxes make this effect. Well done!

  3. They all three are so beautiful. I remember potato harvests when I was a girl at home, it was such fun! It became a game for my brother and I to see who could find the biggest potato.

  4. Three great zendalas, but I LOVE that first one!

  5. All three of your Zendalas are beautiful. I especially like the one with the acorns. Great work!

  6. 3 beautiful, beautiful, beautiful responses to the challenge! I love the acorns and so many other elements in your three tiles!

  7. Well, not much left to say for me. So, I agree with all that's said above :-)

  8. Well it just goes to show. You don't need color when you are doing your work, as these show off it is your talent that is taking the credit. Great Zendalas,all.

  9. Really nice zendalas. I especially like the one with the leaves.
    I think Erin will have a lot of support for her new venture in school! :)

  10. All three are great Zendalas. The third one reminds me of a carnival.

  11. Love how you've managed to get some lovely curvy tangles to work in the very angular template. All three are lovely.