Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More Beads of Courage and LOVE

I am tangling all the time... in between things that are going on around here...  and always do enjoy myself and the freedom of the pen and paper...  but I really enjoy going out of the BOX in some ways...  like with this tile... 

First off it is 5x5... and then I drew a string... and I think you can very easily see the string... as I made it like a tube...  a long tube with a bead at the end...  and then I started to fill in the areas that the string created...  

Well... some had to go into the next area...  oh MY!!!  and then some had to be divided and have rows of things...  and then the snail wanted to be seen...  and so he slowly but surely came into the tile...  

I love the FREEDOM of is so very rewarding... 

 This is for the Divas Challenge this week where she is asking for us to draw beads.... and for a very SPECIAL cause too... 

I do hope you will check this one out... it is really a very loving and special cause that you might need to know about so that you can help someone join in on this...

As you can see I have these beads hanging down...  as they are dangling in the sun and gaining energy to send love to little ARTOO who is going to be 2...  Happy Birthday Little Man...  

Well... thanks for stopping by and also want to remind you to have a special day... and to enjoy all that you do...  

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie  




  1. I love the boldness of this tile. So many wonderful tangles to look at, all drawn with perfection!

  2. Beads 'n tangles. Great work on this tile!

  3. The beads look so happy in this gorgeous tile!

  4. I love all the beads! Beautiful work!

  5. Your drawing has so much to look at - I love it!

  6. Lovely! I love the tangles you chose and put them in just the right place.

  7. Love the way the jewelry hangs down from the top in this one, some nice earrings there!

  8. Amazing tile, and I love the dangling beads!