Sunday, October 28, 2012

Zendala Saturday

Well, I didn't really have too much time during the day to TANGLE... but last night I relaxed  a little bit and played...  so here are my two zendalas....  

Every Saturday Erin from the BRIGHT OWL post a fun Mandala to create with tangling.. and this weeks was really enjoyable... I love doing these anyway... but this weeks was really fun... Thanks Erin...  

So sorry though, Erin, that you don't feel good.. .that is not fun...  hope you are feeling better soon...  and can tangle... not feeling like tangling is not a good sign at all...  

My first one that I played with I wanted it to look regal...  and have a crown effect in the center...  and of course you know how much I love flowers... so I had to fill in the areas with flowers and more flowers...  

 Then I had another zendala printed... so I had to fill it in... why wouldn't I????  

I put the tangle Exinside there...  and then filled in around it...  
really had fun with this...  

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday... and that you can tangle to your hearts content... but also enjoy the weather...  I am keeping my fingers crossed that the hurricane leaves the Northeast safe and that it goes out to sea...  I have way too much family up there to be in this kind of mess...  Be safe if you live up there... 

Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and hope you will visit my blog during the week... as from Tuesday thru Friday I am releasing my alphabet soup...  which is my tangled alphabet.. . I have released a few... and it will continue until December...  

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie  


  1. As always, both your Zendalas are awesome. Great work!

  2. The first one is so beautiful it looks like a royal jewel. The shading is great. I like your second one too, but the first one is my favorirte

  3. Both are great! I always wonder how you get these done so fast--LOL! Awesome! :)

  4. Love that first zendala! It really does have a royal look--the crown effect is wonderful!

  5. I particularly love the first one -- it looks like an ornate ring =).


  6. You have made the same template look so different in the two pictures. Very nice.

  7. Very beautiful and also very different. Both are quite nice.

  8. These are so beautiful! Love them both!

  9. Both really beautiful - and so very different.

  10. I think both of your Zendalas are regal!