Friday, July 16, 2010

More Quilled Flowers

I am trying a new format with the pictures in the center today... so hopefully I will be able to do this the same way as with the pictures on the left!!!!! We will see... these things don't always work correctly for me at times.. LOL

Okay... last night we had our monthly Whipperstampers Group meeting... oh what fun we had...
We were all suppose to bring something to teach last night... Renee and Linda brought cute little cards for all to make.. Thanks so much gals... they were really cute... April
brought a couple of fun things to do... one was a layout that you stamped into... I will show that to you soon... have to do it... wanted it to be nice when I showed it... LOL.. yeah at group meetings I just fool around and get dirty inky fingers... yeah... Also she showed us how to do Mosaic stamping... it was really fun, and I loved the way mine came out... will show you some of that also at a later date.. but you can go to her blog and see hers... she also walks you through the process... GREAT BLOG to favorite... Thanks April

Kim brought a set a stamps... and I stamped each of the 15 stamps 4 times... wow... I am really going to be in heaven when I start to use these... they are by Sweet Pea... and just precious.. I love them... Thanks Kim..

Ellen brought a weaving card... and that was also fun... I want to play with that a little more and then will also share that with you.. so many talented gals in our group.. each one has a unique talent and we all love to share, create and most of all PLAY!!!!

Oaky... I brought to share the Cuttlebug Quilling... which you can see on these cards... and I also taught how to use the corner punches this way .... it is so much fun to create with them.. .you can use any of the corner punches and create one of these panels.. so much fun when you see how easy it is...

I think that you can see from these cards that I love to do them... and in all different ways too...
Wow... I could really be a paper freak... Oh I am??? Wow... when did that happen??? Yikes... it is fun...

I just had a friend write me and ask me to play for her today... Okay Sharon I will.. when I get a chance... I have a million things to do prior to playing... but I will PLAY for the two of us... or for as many as I need to.. I love to play and create..

Okay the cards I have posted here all have quilled florwers on them... and also a punched panel made with a corner punch.. and used at right angles... Love it all.. Hope you enjoy these cards..
Have a fun day... create something special for you or for a friend... have a great week-end... and new things will be happening this week... so keep posted...

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie


  1. I adore your cards and am desperate to know the secret of how to use Martha Stewart corner punches the way that you do. I have been playing with mine but I just can't get your right angled method. Are you going to share it with us? Pauline from the UK

  2. Pauline I would love to... but I don't have an address to reach you... leave an address or e-mail me at thanks...
    It jsut takes practice... and also patience... I showed it last night at a class.. and everyone did manage to get it.. it is a project to learn... but once you get it... wow... so very easy...
    Looking forward to hearing from YOU...

  3. What wonderful flower cards Bonnie! I love all the layers and punched edges!

  4. Lovin' all the flowers! Your cards are gorgeous!

  5. Hi Bonnie-I have been out of the loop for a couple of weeks-busy with shower invites-I have missed blogging-you have posted 3 beautiful cards-love the techniques you do-wish I lived closer your group sounds like such fun-

  6. Amazing creations! All that layering - whew! Wonderful showcases!!

  7. Look at all the pretty details on each of these! Gorgeous eye candy I say!! I also see something I am going to try! TFS!

  8. All of your cards are exquisitely gorgeous, my friend!! It feel's like Christmas in July!! I have been in the mood to start working on some Christmas cards and projects lately and this is just the inspiration and motivation I need. Mine could never be as pretty and intricate in detail as yours though. Love, love, love your work.
    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods as they say. It is so funny but my husband and I have recently decided that North Carolina is the place that we want to retire to. Hopefully not terribly far from the ocean. Maybe some day!!
    Hugs, Bonnie!