Tuesday, July 13, 2010

For Mark Meyer

This card is for a little boy that is VERY sick... and needs some real loving attention from all of us... so if you have a tender loving heart, please send him a card...
His address.... Mark Meyer c/o cookie grover
2511 Calloway Drive, Orlando, Florida 32810 Thanks a million... I know that he will love it.. he has a severe type of cancer... and is only 11 years old..

Okay... this card is for three challenges... but actually the card is REALLY for Mark MEYER!!!!
He is in need of some cheering up... as he is a very sick little boy... so this is him chasing all the bad things away... bugs to be exact... and this little bug is a green fly... green glittered fly!!!

Okay... so the card will go into the mail tomorrow... and hopefully Mark will get a lot of cards all at once..

NOW for the challenges...
Betty chose some really great colors today... and the dessert is to make a card for Mark... the colors... Kelly Green, Deep Red and Denim Blue... I naturally love all three colors.. so that was GREAT... Thanks Betty... LOVE IT..

Then Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge had a really nice sketch.. which was also great for Marks card....

TEAPOT TUESDAY.... Do I hear a drum roll???? I think so...

Well it has been a long time since I have been able to get into the swing of things.. .but I am finally here... and low and behold we needed to bring things to show Miss whats her name... what sports are all about...

Well I hope that she doesn't get the wrong idea... but this little guy is using his tennis racket for a fly swatter... !!!!! He is chasing away BUGS!!! Bugs of all kinds... (get it?) So Maybe Miss what's her name will pick up one, and start to practice chasing away some bugs that she has too... LOL.. and then someone will think that she is athletically able to do sporty things... LOL.. right??? Anyway... it is worth a try right!!!!

So here is my card... and I do hope that you all enjoy the day... and chase a few bugs away in life too.. you don't have to kill them... just chase them... Don't forget that Honey Bees are important to have at all times.. when they are all gone, humans will follow... all bugs have a reason... we just need to learn to live with them.. so I ask them to leave my house... and if they don't... well then I get out my tennis racket and chase them...

Hope that you have the best of days... create something boyish... and send it to Mark... and then enjoy every second of the rest of the day...

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie


  1. Cute card, and I know mark will love it! At first i didn't really see the bee and thought he was playing tennis!

  2. Bonnie, you are a DOLL! This is terrific and fabulous! I am sure Mark will love it!

  3. This is just too cute and sweet, Bonnie! I'm sure Mark will love it!

  4. How wonderful of you and Betty w/ the dessert! I am sure he will appreciate all of them! I can't imagine his mother's grief~~

  5. Thank you so much for making Mark a card and posting it on your blog too! Your so sweet!! He will love it! Hugs, Cookie (Marks Aunt)

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