Sunday, April 11, 2010

A special GIFT for a Special Person

I had bought this container and really didn't know what I was going to do with it... (actually I bought 2... one for me and one for someone??? but didn't know who.) and all of a sudden I realized not only how I was going to finish it, but also who I was going to make it for... a surprise at this point... sorry I can't tell .. as I know that she visits here from time to time...

Anyway... I painted 9 different pieces of paper with Twinkling H2's... (I wonder how many time a day I write that ???)
Then I cut the section off that I wanted of each piece... Oh I saved all the rest of the paper... I will use every little piece of it... believe me..

Then I painted the entire container gold on the out side... and spritzed the inside(below) with Twinkling H2's... I didn't do the inside with solid color at all.. just splattered looking ...

Then I wanted a very special trim and started to look in the studio for something I really loved... and in between that , I
cleaned out all the cabinets as I was looking... a huge bag of stuff that was recycled.. had to do it.. or add an addition to the studio... LOL.. not really funny... but you get the idea..

Anyway I found this special trim... and put that onto the container along with the brocade also... and then the brass findings for the opening...

Scroll down...

The top comes off .... and then it opens...

To have these four wonderful compartments to hold all kinds of goodies..

I love it.. and I just hope that the person I am giving it too will too.. I am pretty sure she will...

Just so that you know.. the container is about 8 inches tall.. and about 5 inches in diameter... a good size to hold a lot of 'stuff'

Thanks for taking a look... and also for visiting my blog... take a look at the other blogs I have added... one is on the books I make... or take part in making.. and then there is one on our Farm...

WE are taking a short trip up the mountain today to go food shopping... it is a nice ride.. 40 miles one way... (to get food.. We only eat organic... so the trip is worth it... ) The highway is lined with all kinds of beautiful flowering trees... the Red tip maples down here are a wonderful sight... they look like flowering plum trees... this beautiful color of purples, violets and pinks... (no red... don't know where they got the name.) But it will be a very very nice afternoon... will be back later to play and leave some comments...

Have a fun day... and enjoy the beautiful day...

Love, Light and Peace... Bonnie


  1. Bonnie, this is absolutely fantastic! Gorgeous outside detailing! Who know those little compartments were stacked inside. Great find! I am sure the recipient will be thrilled!

    Happy Food Shopping!

  2. Wasn't it a gorgeous day?! Can't get enough of these beautiful spring days after such a harsh winter! Your box is truly amazing and looks like something you'd see in a high end gift shop that would cost LOTS of money! Whoever is the recipient will certainly love this! It's a gift in itself.

  3. Wow! Bonnie, your coloring of all the panels on the outside is fantastic! So rich and beautiful! Wonderful details!

  4. this is a beautiful gift bonnie-I like the compartments on the inside-you made this special I am sure the recipient will really like this

  5. What a gorgeous creation!! Love the colors with the gold. Very elegant, Bonnie. I have a bunch of the twinkling H20's and Pearl somethings that I have yet to try. You have inspired me to give it a go!

  6. Just fantastic, love the twinkles and the dangles, fab box too, I am sure this will be well received!

  7. Wow! What a fantastic box! The colors and details are stunning!

  8. Love this box! The colors are beautiful. I also love the trim!