Saturday, April 24, 2010

Asian Delights

Oh Happy, Happy, Happy Saturday... and I am hoping that we do get SOME rain today... we really need SOME rain... not tons... SOME... I am hoping that the weather understands this... we usually either get too much... or too little... so SOME would be nice for the plants... it would make us all happy here...

As you will read below... these cards were done for a number of challenges... but the one on the left I just had to do... I love this stamp... it is by Stampington and Company... and she is so sweet ... hope that you like here too.. The paper on the right... washi paper was bought from a little Asian man at the convention every year... He is from Atlanta and has the prettiest Washi papers... I love them...My husband always reminds me to go get some.. (Like I really need to be reminded... but it is sweet of him to remember that I love that paper...) This particular piece is really lovely... you aren't getting the full colors in it... but there is a lovely TEAL and shades of greens that really are wonderful... ... the other piece of paper I created with H20's... what else...

This card was created on many different levels… first off the background is a copy of a painting that I did a few months ago… with a Zia stamp… and also some gingko leaves.. with a relief technique that Zia taught me.. Which is very lengthy and with wonderful results… that painting is 11X15 and hanging on my wall… I love it. So I copied it into the computer.. and then printed it out… and used it as a background paper for this card… Also I used another gingko leaf stamp and also a urn stamp to create this Asian card… for a very dear friend… Pat Adams, that also teaches at Marco’s Paper... She is a very sweet friend and loves Asian cards… so this will be sent to her..

The other background papers I made with painting with Twinkling H20’s…at two different times… they are scraps of larger sheets… added the silk flower to the urn for effect and dimension.

This card is also for three different challenges too..

On Thursday the challenge was to create a card with different printed papers… this card has that…

On Friday the challenge was to create a ‘vacation’ card… or a place where we would like to take a virtual trip etc… so this card is that also.. I always wanted to go to Asia to paint the people… love to capture them into watercolors and pieces of art work.. I almost made it… as I was appointed head of the psychiatric unit on the Ship Hope… but a week prior to getting my shots, I met Glenn, my husband.. and had a very deep feeling about him… so I canceled the trip/work and have been very happily married for over 40 years at this point… YEAH.. so I didn’t get to go to Asia to paint the people in that manner, but I still have Asia in my heart… and love my Asian stamp collection.

Today’s challenge was to go to Green Rainbow… which Stef.. that was a bad place to send me… I bought way too much!!!! Might not be married next month when the bill comes in… but I had fun… anyway… I thought that I had better get the Asian card made and done with… and so here it is… I do hope that you like it… I know that not many Asian cards are shown on SCS…but I still hope you enjoy this…

Happy Earth Day… which should be every day of the year… we need to clean up the EARTH big time… End of advertisement… thanks…

Have a Fun Creative Day…

Love, Light and Peace…. Bonnie


  1. Boonie both these are just stunning - I REALLY like the 2nd one though!! Excellent!

  2. I am just in awe of your ability to handle Asian images and papers! WOW Bonnie!!

  3. Both of your cards are really gorgeous, Bonnie. You have such an artistic flair and a great eye for detail.

  4. Gorgeous cards and fabulous detailing, Bnnnie! Always love your detailing, stamping designs, and dimension! You have met Pat Adam's? Lucky you! I think she is a wonderful lady, too! Not met her, but I read her blog when I can! LOVE your Asian inspired LOVE story! WOW! What a difference that one decision made for you, huh?

    Beautiful work!

  5. I'm always amazed at all your interesting details! I'm becoming more and more fascinated by beautiful papers...even more than stamps sometimes. :-) This Asian paper is very beautiful!

  6. these are 2 very interesting cards bonnie-and your detail of how you created them is fascinating-enjoyed your love story also

  7. Wow Bonnie, these are both beautiful, I just love the DP it is stunning,and your details are just fantastic!

  8. Just gorgeous Bonnie, true artistic talent shining through here, love all of your mixed media like elements, GORG!!

  9. What a wonderful pair of cards! Your mix of papers and images are spectacular!

  10. Such wonderful Asian themed cards Bonnie! That Stampington stamp is lovely - and your bg print of your painting looks beautiful! I bet the real thing is quite impressive on your wall!!