Sunday, April 18, 2010

Okay... I am hopefully back in the swing of things for a while... this past week was a little hairy... I had a nice day on Tuesday... making cards for all the Challenges... and then we had a busy afternoon with garden things... and then I went out for an evening with the Pearly Girls... that is a group that I just recently joined to make a Round Robin book with all different themes... I loved all the pages that had been created this past week.. .

Wednesday was a blur of things for farm, garden and also setting up a gal to come and clean the house on regular basis... YEAH!!!! I really like her too... good thing... And we also went up to Madison County... which is really a lovely area of Western North Carolina... it is right next to Tennessee... and in the higher mountains... we went to look at a pair of Mules... You can see them if you go to the farm page... I will post them after this... they are loves.. And we bought them.. a long process... but we did...

Thursday was Whipperstampers meeting... okay... so you just go... wrong.. I have to pack up all the goodies that everyone wanted... and then sort thru all the fat book pages and get them into order... and then work on class info etc... and then pack up and go.. .Not much... it just all takes time.. and I move slower than I use too... LOL... oh well.. I think I have a lot more on my mind too..

The rest of the week.... I truly can't remember what all happened.. .but I do know that it was a blur of things... and so today... Sunday I have taken the time to sit and BLOG.... Happy Sunday... hope that this week is a little bit more peaceful and I will have time to do some Challenges... YEAH!!!!

Thanks for being so patient... but I have post three cards that we did on Thursday... Hope you will enjoy them... and thanks for stopping by... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie


  1. Wow! Sounds like you have been busy, busy, busy! Getting a cleaning lady is one of the best things I have ever done!

  2. you have been a busy woman bonnie-will jump over to take a look at the mules you purchased. I had a cleaning woman when I had a full time job but as soon as I retired I let her go too-I would love to have her back-oh to convince my hubby!!

  3. Wow! Bonnie, I'm tired just reading your weeks activities! Glad you got someone to help! Hope to see you in the gallery this week!

  4. Well - I can see why you couldn't squeeze a card in there anywhere Bonnie!

  5. Your week sounds like mine Bonnie, makes the creative time so much more worthwhile when you get to getting to it... enjoy!