Sunday, April 18, 2010

April's Victorian Blouse

I loved the way this card came out... I didn't use the same measurements as April did... mine is a little bit smaller... but I love the way it came out...

I put some extra trim around the neck... and also on the inside panel.. but had fun with it...

A simple little card that you can dress up or down... really cute...

Thanks April for sharing this with us all..

After you open it, this is the inside...


  1. WOW! Bonnie, this card is just beautiful!! Love the color!!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!! I love this style of card fold and everything else about this lovely design.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Bonnie! Today was gorgeous and I managed to get out and do some weeding. So much to do on a nice day!!

  3. Wow! is this ever pretty! Love the design and fab colors!

  4. what a fun, fun design! love your 'lace' and pretty colors!

  5. Love the way this came out to, fantastic edges and I love the colours that you used, looks great!