Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A fun card

This card is for Mother Marks Teapot Tuesday... and it is always a hoot... no matter what she is a hoot herself... I love her... and her stories are so funny... so I have to play along each week.. it is contagious..

So this week in fact check here and you can read all about what she says... the stories are so funny.... and I love them...

So after reading that you can maybe understand why I decided to make my race horse a flamingo???? Not really... well I guess you would have to be at the challenge every week... to understand that it is fun challenge and everything goes.. .and the funnier it is the better it is... Just a barrel of laughs...

This is what I wrote about my card...

Okay... enough is enough... I certainly don't mind racing... but hey this had has to go... you know I have done a lot of silly and funny things... but this is really below me... it has a TURQUOISE BOW... and pink flowers... and then the under bow is also turquoise with ORANGE POLKA DOTS.... come on ladies ... you can't really expect me to race wearing this silly hat can you??? All my friends (the ones you see in the background) have totally shunned me... they refuse to say that they know me... or even that I am a flamingo??? I guess maybe I am something else now... who knows... but enough is enough... HELP... please don't make me race with this hat on...

Hope you enjoyed your day... I also posted another project on my Art Between the pages blog... so please go there to see that one too.. .thanks...

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie


  1. Well, I absolutely adore the fabulous turquoise hat/bow. That is one stylish flamingo and I am very happy she is racing off to the teapot festivities this week :)
    Love this delightful card, Bonnie!!

  2. This is wonderful, Bonnie! Great image and I love the beautiful ribbon accenting! Great looking card!

  3. That is one stylin' flamingo, Bonnie! Fun creation!

  4. What a fun and adorable card Bonnie! Love it!

  5. Lots of fun indeed, and a very grand card for the event!

    PS Will pop on over soon for the promised ride on the mules... will only take me 24 hours or so to get there, well that is depending on availability of connecting flights!!

  6. Love that fun bonnet Bonnie!! you are just so creative in your thinking!!!

  7. That hat is the BEST!! Even if your flamingo doesn't win the race, she has just what it takes to sit in the stands and drink her Mint Julep. That hat is perfect for Churchill Downs!! Great job, GF!!!