Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I love asparagus...
I have a story I have to tell you about asparagus...
Because I love asparagus, I wanted to plant them in the garden when we lived in NJ... and every spring I would say that I was going to buy some crowns and plant them... but it takes two years after planting them to pick any... and we were always going to move... so after 30 years of hearing that... I got tired of saying it.. and we never had our own asparagus!!!!

So when we moved here to NC... and we had an organic farm... I really wanted ASPARAGUS!!!! And so three days ago we started to pick our own asparagus from our own gardens.... YEAH!!!! THEY are delicious too...
WE have lots of them too... enough to satisfy my 40 year desire for them...

Anyway... I wanted to share that story with you, as you will see that I am using a lot of asparagus stamping in some of my projects now... and you might wonder why... and it is only that I am one happy person eating all the organic asparagus I can... LOL... love them.

I am putting this card here... as a sample of the other ones below and my happy day with my friend Mary... read below...

HOpe you enjoy this fun technique... this one I did use a stamp with... into the white opaque ink by copic... but the ones below are all with the pinkie... have fun...

Love, Light and Peace... Bonnie


  1. Asparagus...yuck - lol! I'm glad someone loves it, cause it sure isn't me! One of our former pastors used to rave about his fresh asparagus from the garden...nope...not for me.

  2. well I wish I lived closer to you-I love asparagus-I just made some stir fry and used it as one of my veggies
    On Easter i had an appetizer with asparagus-proscuitto wrapped in puff pastry-yum!

  3. what a fun garden card Bonnie! love the nestie framings and great 'earth' colors! I just started liking asparagus as an adult (was quite the finicky kid!) but DH doesn't like it so I don't often get it just for me - how fun that you grow it!

  4. We LOVE asparagus too!!! We can NEVER get enough!! I love the colors of your card, Bonnie, and that asparagus looks good enough to eat .... allmost!!!

  5. I LOVE asparagus, too! Noone else in the family does, but I can eat them just blanched with a bit of salt....yum! Cute card and they look so real! So proud that your persevered for 30 years to pick your own! Great story and fantastic card, Bonnie!

  6. Oh Bonnie, you're a Jersey girl too? What part? That is where I am right now, in Northfield right outside of AC. I lived my whole life in NJ and moved out to the Seattle area for my husband's job about 10 years ago.
    LOVE your asparagus card, they look good enough to eat.Such a beautiful spring creation!!!