Monday, March 4, 2013


Monday ~ Monday !!!!  I think that was a song...  that I use to sing all  the time... now it is just a memory... but a good one...  I can remember some of the words... but not all of them... oh well... it is still Monday ... and the DIVA  challenge is to use the tangle WHYZ.... so I did... right under the snail... can you see it.... it is there... look carefully... it is there among all the other lines...  


 I love this tangle... it is very versatile and so easy to work into all kinds of other tangles... wow...  I love it...  

Of course because I was having so very much fun... the snail came out to see what all was going on...  

I added a few heart strings, and then some paizels...  what fun is this...  

Last night I was fooling around and this 'sunflower' came out on the paper... again the snail was present...  as was another friend... purk...  without any critter in it...  

Well... this is going to have to be a short blog... as I am hungry... and need to cook dinner...  

Thanks for stopping by... and also for all the comments that you all leave...  I love them all.. . 

Have a super good week...  and see you sooner than you realize...  you know me... I love to do more than one...  

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie 


  1. I love the snail and the whyz and all that you have created!

  2. Since I read your 'Monday - Monday' the song is in my head :-)
    Your tiles are beatiful and I love this snail.

  3. Great work, love Mister Snail and your detail.

  4. Beautiful artwork. For the life of me, I couldn't find Whyz!! But, that's okay -- your tiles are so beautiful to look at!

  5. I really had to search for whyz in the first one! You fooled me by put different designs into it's pieces! Really beautiful snails!

  6. Beautiful double-horned zensnail! I couldn't actually see the whyz, but I think that was probably me - or your artistic license? The second tile is also beautiful.

  7. Love the snail crawling the Whyz. Very creative solution for a squary Whyz. Love it.

  8. I love how detailed you got with the Whyz. The mixture with the hearts is nice too. Beautiful work.

  9. Amazing work. I always love to see your unique use of new tangles. Mr. Snail is great fun!