Monday, March 18, 2013

Out of the BOX???

Happy Monday.... it is overcast and trying to rain... but it is a dreary day outside... but INSIDE... Yikes I am going to play and play all day long.... what fun...  

The Diva (Laura) asked us to go out of the box...Not a problem... but I generally live out of the box all the time...  So I really had to think on this one...  

Tangling has always been an out of the box activity for me in 99% of all ways... so I really had to think... can you smell the smoke???  Think.... think... think.... okay... I bought a sepia .005 point  that is really small... and I found that I only have used it once...  my black one I use for special areas etc... the since I only have a .01 and a .005 sepia... I tend not to use them...  I really love a .02 or a .03 black.. .  so that is sort of out of the box a little... right??   

The other thing I really have trouble with is things in boxes...  tangles done in boxes... so I thought I would do some of that... and then also working on a small area is always a problem... as I love to have flowing lines, and fill a whole sheet of 8x11 paper... I love tangling...  I can also fill a huge room with all kinds of things in no time... also a house!!!!  Yikes... I have a PHD in that...  

Well... here are my two examples...  

 Ooooops  I am really having trouble saying connected this morning...  I keep on getting kicked off line.  You have to LOVE dial up!!!!  NOT... 

Anyway... this is only about 3 inches square... not my favorite.. and it was done with a sepia pen... . Looks black to me...  and it had a .005 point...  not my favorite to tangle with... but since we are working out of the box... I had to stay in the box... does that make any sense?? ? Just re-read it...  I love to be out of the box...  all the time...  

 This one is also in the box...  as I did tangles that were all in boxes...  I really love doing the purk or leaves...  or balls... but I tried to stay in the boxes... I really did try... 

Oh we all need to go out of the box... and it does feel good to a degree... but I do love my flowing lines, my flowers... and all the tangles that flow and mix so very easily...  

Thanks Laura for the challenge...  and staying out of the box is a good thing...even though that means I have to go into a box situation...  LOL... so very good... 

Hope you have a good day... and that you get out of the box... no matter what it is... and that you find pleasure and learning in it...  
Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and hope to see you soon...  
Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie  




  1. Being an out of the boxer too....I really am impressed that you were able to stay in the box and do it very nicely!

  2. Beautiful work! I wouldn't know you were uncomfortable with it if you hadn't told me (well, and if I didn't regularly read your blog)!

  3. I enjoyed reading your approach to this challenge. Beautiful tiles!

  4. I'm with Karen-your grids are so neat and uniform that I never would've guessed you don't particularly care for doing them. Pretty!

  5. Boxes or non-boxes I love them both!

  6. These are both beautiful and so neat and detailed. You really can't tell that you dont like being in a box!

  7. Love both your ZIAs even though they are quite different from what you usually create. I agree, being out of the box is somewhat uncomfortable - lol. Have a great week.

  8. Wow, Bonnie, I'm impressed. Your tangles are beautiful, and you did manage to stay in the box (I think I did see a rebellious purk though (winks). Great job on both pieces!

  9. Both your boxed in boxes are really lovely!!

  10. Congrats on staying in the box! Purk is one of my faves, too, and I love the way it's rebelling against your box, lol! Beautiful designs!

  11. Getting out of the box by staying in the boxes, I really like this twist!! And the ZIA's are wonderful!