Saturday, February 2, 2013

Under the Hat is ROMANCE [came] the ten courtiers; these were ornamented all over with diamonds, and walked two and two, as the soldiers did. After these came the royal children; there were ten of them, and the little dears came jumping merrily along hand in hand, in couples: they were all ornamented with hearts. Next came the guests, mostly Kings and Queens...
The theme of this quote is couples, and that's what we celebrate in February with Valentine's Day. For the month of February, we are celebrating Romance in Wonderland! As always, you may enter any project that fits the challenge theme, but those that feature Wonderland will have two chances at the prize instead of one. Multiple entries are encouraged but each must be on a separate post; enter by Feb. 23.
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We are using the fabulous Steampunk Romance images by Simply Betty Stamps [ Store | Challenge Blog ]. The people pictured in this stamp line resemble grown-up characters in Wonderland, don't you think? Here is what the oh, so talented Betty has to say:
Simply Betty Stamps started in 2010, when I was forced to close my little scrapbook store due to my last baby coming early.  I was home, with a preemie  couldn't do much but draw, craft, and had just discovered blogging!  I started to nose around about digis, how could I do this, how could I do that?  Slowly but surely Simply Betty Stamps was born!  I have a quirky sense of humor and I believe it shows in my images.  I have immortalized my kids in my images as it is what I love creating with, their everyday shenanigans and goofy ways.  I love sharing my creativity, I can't tell you how awesome it is to see others creating with SBS images!  I look forward to continuing to bring in the quirkiness to crafters across the globe and look forward to many years of fun images.
So get busy and show us your interpretation of  Romance in Wonderland!

This month with Altered Alice, I have created a couple of things that I will be using often...  one is the Mad Hatter's Hat... 

 But.... and this is a huge BUT.... 

It is not just any hat... 

it is the Mad Hatter's HAT... and we all know that he was a little .... 

well  .... shall we be nice and say a little 'wild'???  
So I tried to calm the look down... and also fancy it up a little and created a hat that will be changed from month to month that will hide the surprise for the month...  

So this month... our Great Sponsor is Simply Betty Stamps... and she very graciously gave us as many as we could use... so I took all 6 of these Steampunk Digi Stamps...  my mind was spinning with all the pretties that I was going to make with them... and had to choose just one...  Oh My Goodness... such trails and tribulations...  but I wanted to do something that was romantic, pretty, fun, and also something that would mark the holiday of the month...  




So I created this.... 

Picking up the hat top...  

 WHAT is that??? 

 Sitting on the base of this Mad Hatter's Hat???       

A book... a card... what is it???  It has some pretty red roses... for the sweet heart in your life...  

ohhhhh and some black lace... and some black ribbon... satin black ribbon!!!! 

And also white lacey paper trims...  what is this...  ??? 

Opening it up... and putting the front and back cover together... 

it is a  


Of course using digi images you can create your project any size you desire... this book is 6 inches tall... and it is 5.5 inches wide on each page.. . not huge... but it fits under the hat.... 

 All in reds, whites, and black paper laces.... what fun this was to make... I enjoyed each and every page... and you will see why in a minute... as I have used all these wonderful Digi's from Simply Betty Stamps...  So go to this page and see them, order them and enjoy playing with them...  

Wait until you see each and every page in this star book...

 This book was designed for writing in all  the ways that you LOVE the person that you are giving this book to...  

So Let me count the ways...  that you are special to me... I  love all that you stand for and I adore YOU   ...


 On this page I wanted a certain heart... and I couldn't find one in my stash... so I created it..  

By writing LOVE all over the heart... just plain and simple... but very dynamic looking on the page.

The back ground papers are from K&Company and are metallic in some places... I love the shimmer that it gives to the pages..  
 This little area opens and has a lot of room for writing down your feelings...  

With a touch of shimmer in the background paper too.. 
 These two areas open into little writing areas also...  

With a special LOVE attached to each of them... 

So the first two sections of the star book are for writing and telling what you adore about the love of your life...  

"LOVE is a 

How very very true..  
Gwendolyn's Section   

Each of the following sections have these wonderful Steampunk Digis for ROMANCE...   This section has Gwendolyn in it... and of course she is perfect also for so many other projects too...  How pretty she is for a special card...  

must grow in one's own 


Mercius and Annie's Section 

Then there is Mercius and Annie... what a delightful couple...  of course you can purchase either one ... or both...  I personally love this couple very useful for so many future projects I want to create ...  

returned is the 
True Reward
Love Given "

I accented the pages with Martha Stewart lace papers... and lots of layers of Valentine papers...  Spellbinder dies helped to create all the different embellishments that accent these digis...   I also used a black paper lace between the sections of the book... just for a little bit of drama...   On the edges of some of the layers, I have used a ink to accent the edges.   more drama is never out of reach very far... when you are creating with paper and glue!!!  


Jacob and Emma 

 In this section  Jacob and Emma are giving Valentines to each other... and their love is so profound!!!  

Hearts all over the place... LOVE IT HERE....  

" Happiness is meant to be shared " 


GRACE'S Section 
 Grace is at the end of the book... as she is most dramatic of all... so very regal and fun...

"  Love  
is the only Flower
that grows and blossoms 
without the aid of 


I do hope that you have enjoyed this Star book... and that you are going to get a few if not all of the steampunk Romance Digital Images from Simply Bettys  

Also take a look at all the other images that she offers... wow a ton of fun..  

Thanks again for stopping by for a visit... and see you soon... down the Rabbit Hole!!!!  

Enjoy the trip...  

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie  


  1. YOur projects always blow me away! Beautiful, thoughtful, capricious.........just like you. Hugs, my friend. Anne

  2. OOOH, just gorgeous, Bonnie! Love the beaufiul quotes you've chosen for each character and your characteristic attention to detail. A truly "stellar" project. xxD

  3. AMAZING, truly amazing! I LOVE star books and yours is SO pretty. I love all the details you have put into it, it is so special!

  4. OMG, this is FANTASTIC... Love how you have this all done up....