Tuesday, February 5, 2013

She just popped out

Wow.. this face just popped out of no where... I was so happy doing my auroknot and was going to add Dansk all around it... and all of a sudden this woman appeared in the center of the Flower of Life..... she wanted to be seen... and her hair was just flowing in the evening airs...  LOL..   

I went to bed... and all of a sudden had to get up to tangle... so I was able to create another tangle using dansk... 

Thanks Laura for keeping me up all night.. .LOL.  

WEll here it is... 

 Does your mind ever take over with mindless thoughts??? Well that happened also...  so with the need to tangle and the mindless thoughts I was able to finally get a few hours sleep...  

So now that I have had a few hours of sleep I need to quickly get things done...  

Talk later.. 

Thanks for stopping by for a visit...  
Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie 


  1. Absolutely lovely. I'm glad she popped by!

  2. Oh yes! I also have mindless thought! Very anoying when you need to sleep! This is really interresting. Especially the string going in and out of her face. Like it!

  3. You are so, love, love!