Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year...  Chinese New Year that is...  the Year of the SNAKE.... my husband was born in the year of the snake...  but I am a monkey... and we should not be as compatible as we are...  but we have been together for over 45 years now... so I guess some things just are meant to be...  

Well I worked on this and wanted to add more.. .but have a huge list of TO DO THINGS in front of me... so I finished what I could and am moving on with my day...  

 This week the DIVA 
asked us to create a tangle, using a snake...  I don't particularly like snakes... so I had to make mine a little differently... with a semi human face... LOL...  She is guarding her eggs.. and some of them are different than the others...  

Thanks Laura for all the love that you put into these challenges... even not feeling on top of the world...  hope that things change this week for you and B-rad and the boys...  Sending healing love to y'all...  

Hope that you have a great week... enjoying yourself... and trying this tangle too...  post it... and enjoy...   thanks for stopping by for a visit and hope to see you again soon... 

Love, Light and Peace..... Bonnie   


  1. Love how "she" emerges from Puf.

  2. Your snake is a great lady. You have some great tangles in the mix, they go well with your design.

  3. She is wonderful, your y- flip is really wonderful!

  4. Your snake is very beautiful and attractive. So is the rest of the tile.

  5. Like Alice in Wonderland Love it.