Monday, February 4, 2013


First day of the week... Happy Monday...  wow... I really got a lot of misc things done today... it really felt so very good... now I am ready for the rest of this very busy and fun filled week...  there are so many fun things happening and I am totally excited about it all...  

Hopefully I will be able to share it all with you...  
Anyway... today the week started off with a general clean up of the Studio and office... I had to do that... as I could not move anymore at all...  not kidding...  I have all kinds of stuff all around the office to take to the Farmers Market on Saturday... and it had grown past help... so I had to organize it... and get it ready to go to Market as they say...  DONE... 

Then pick up all kinds of things that my Mom has been sending me...  she wants me to have all her personal things that she doesn't use anymore...  like large cloth bags...and scarves and fun hats...  so she packs them into a box and mails them down...  At 93 she is still ruling the roost as they say... and enjoying as much as possible... I have to give her credit... as she stays on top of things... even though she can hardly see anything...  I just wish that she had her vision...  for so many reasons...  but she is having to go thru this with her chin held up high... and I really admire her for that...  don't know if I could do what she has done, as eloquently as she has.  

Well... then the Diva  has her challenge on Mondays too...  GREAT.. I will find time some how to do this too... but she didn't have the Mr Linky up... so that was perfect... I will do it after dinner...  and that will be great...  

So I finished up all my projects... and then got to sit down and TANGLE a little bit...  

I did do something a little bit different this week... I took the time and copied out some tangles that I had never used prior... as the challenge was to use Dansk and I had never done that one... so I decided to try a couple of others that were new to me too...  

So after dinner... dishes all done...  I tangled...  But again prior to starting I thought about the fact that I had a few newer strings that I hadn't done... so I copied them out too... and combined a string with the challenge today.. .
String #37  and Dansk
I did have fun...  but all I could see were the pieces of scrim shaw shining out at me...  

They use to be made by old sea Captains to pass the time at sea... they would carve on pieces of whale teeth or bones... and then they would ink it to make it show up...  that is just what this reminds me of...  

Anyway... I know I will fool around with this dansk more... but maybe not this week.. unless I get a whole lot done tomorrow...  busy week... and like I said... all fun things..  

So hope that you have a GREAT week... and thanks for stopping by ....  I also want to THANK all those that leave me comments... I read them all and sure do wish that I could see your blog and leave comments too...  THANKS a Million...  

By the way.. I am very proud to announce that I have over 300 followers as of today... and have made over 1000 entries on this blog alone... now mind you I have a FEW more blogs too...  which are all growing and gathering followers... put I do most of the fun things here...  LOL...  

Thanks anyway... I love you all very much from the center of my heart.  

Love, Light and Peace... Bonnie  


  1. This is realy nice. lots of pattern but they all work together. good stuff.

  2. Beautiful tile with nice combi of paterns.

  3. Great symetrie and beautiful tangles!

  4. Can see why it reminded you of scrimshaw. Like the organic tangles on the fang-like sections surrounded by the other tangles.

  5. Great bled of tangles and I love your zinger variation!

  6. Love your tangelations in this ZIA, lovely homage to the big V Day!

  7. Love your ZIA!! It's beautiful!

  8. Loce the way the tangles are dancing around!! beautiful