Friday, January 11, 2013

Sea Scape a Float

Sometimes when I sit down in the evening I need to 'chill' for a while and then I am ready to go to bed... but sometimes I need to tangle prior to doing anything...  getting the energy flowing really good..

So last night that was the way... I did a couple of large pieces... this one is 8.5 x 11... and it just about fills the paper...  of course I used the newest Tangle created by the Diva's other half... B-rad...  Love it...  still have to practice though.. .

I loved using the tangle girlande...  I just love doing that tangle...???  reminds me of a very favorite bracelet that I once had...  

Well... we are going to the county Farmers Market today... going to sell all kinds of things..  you can bring anything that you grow or make in the county... so we are taking some Sweet Potatoes...  and of course some garlic...  and then I happened to put a few things aside to take too... like some silver wrapped jewelry, cards... not that many... only about a hundred...  and some Never Ending cards... and then some framed tangles... and a few boxes...  so that will be fun... I do hope that we have a nice day...  suppose to be dreary in the AM...  but the market is from 9-2...  so we are wondering if we should take an outside spot.???  

Well tomorrow will tell... I had better get to bed... we have to get up at 4... and it is now 11:30....  oh dear me...  a long day!!!! LOL.. 

Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and hope that you have a GREAT week-end...  and if you are in the area...  do stop in at the Polk County Farmers Market!!!  See you there...  

Love, Light and Peace... Bonnie  



  1. Spectacular, and the thought that it is 8.5 x 11 makes it even more amazing.

  2. I've been looking at your Zia for quite a while. It's lovely Bonnie, you get a serene feeling with it.

  3. What a beautiful ZIA. I love the tangles you use here, and the composition is stunning.

  4. this has a beautiful light and airy feel. lovely.

  5. Very pretty and beautifully done. Nice choice and balance of tangles.