Monday, January 28, 2013

DIVA Day!!!!

Today is DIVA day...So please take a look over there during the week to see all the different looks to this one challenge...  We are to use the String #3... I love doing these strings...  and have quite a collection of them...  

In August of 2012, I decided to do them all... (I do have to get caught up now... as I think I need to do from #32- present time... ooops  !!! too many pots on the stove.... LOL)  

Well this is the one that I did in August...  

 This is the TIA unshaded... there is so much difference when you shade something...  

At least I think there is.. 

 I do like them both ways.. but really enjoy shading... so most of mine are now shaded...  

 Here is the same tile shaded...  

Huge difference in the two..  

ooops... my lovely dial up made a boo boo... and didn't put the entire tile up.. . so funny... I have to laugh or I would be in the looney bin...  

I so wish I could get dsl... or something faster than the two tin cans with a piece of string between them...  but our LOVELY phone company... AT&T does not want to finish the job that they started...  only so many dsl services in an area.. and only one mile away they have a little bit higher speed...  

Oh well... I try and calmly think about some other kind of service being made available to us soon...  

 So today I did String #3 again

 and this is what it looks like...  
I really don't like parts of it... but I guess that is a 'thing' I am going thru now...  I have way too many things on my plate.. loving it all.. but way too many and guess that the ZEN is taking a break from me...  at least for the while..  LOL..  

Well I did enjoy doing it... love doing all the little areas... all differently creating their own little world...  so that is good.  the final look... not really important... the feeling.. worth a million words and thoughts...  

Have a GREAT DAY.... enjoy it all..  and put life as the main focus for today... enjoying every single moment that you live...  I have to take pictures of my most recent Altered Alice project... which I really had fun making... hope that you will check back here on Sunday to see it... I really LOVE IT...  so much fun.  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and see you soon... 
Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie  


  1. Two great tiles, I agree that the shading makes a difference to tiles, it gives so much more depth. I love your dangly heart.

  2. Each one has the stamp of your genius!

  3. Lots of fun, especially the hand holding the ball!

  4. Nice, to see the difference between august last year and now. They're all great Bonnie, but I think the last one is the best.

  5. Like all of them. I agree that shading makes a big difference. Although that is my biggest challenge, I usually do at least a little shading on each tile that I do.

  6. Both are great. Really enjoy the little "surprises" on both.

  7. I like both of these, but the second one I like best, it has a bit of whimsy to it that strikes my fancy.

  8. I really like that bit of celtic knottiness in the corner of the second tile. :o)