Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lines a la 2013

Oh ERIN!!!   
What a challenge...  
I love flowing lines, flowers, circles and nothing too graphic...  so I had to do something that was very graphic...  this is about as graphic as I can do...  other wise I would start to pull my hair out...  and I do I had dear friend stop over for a visit and since I haven't seen her for over 4 months... I wanted to visit and spend some time with her... so we had a wonderful visit...  and so I didn't get to do the challenge as quickly as I normally do... so that was also a change...  for me at least...  

The other change is that I never tell you what tangles I use... so on this one I have used the following ones..  Chard, Yabbut, Tuftid, Sparkle...  and I used a copic multi liner in sepia and also a pigma micron.05 in brown/sepia....  I generally always use black... and always love to shade!!!  But no shading on this one at all.. boo hoo...  my favorite part of tangling...  

But Change is GREAT... and I am not saying that this will be a normal for me at all.. I missed doing my flowers and leaves... missed doing my circles and all the little ones in and around leaves... but that is okay for this one time ERIN!!!!  Back to my fav's and all the new ones I love to try that flow with the ebb and flow of life...  LOL>..  

So here is my Zendala for this week..  

 I also love to use bright colors... but used a monotone color scheme... and then at the last minute I had to add the orange.... so I had to have those delicate little squares pop...  I used some color pencils around the edges... and then also to fill in a sections of Yabbut...  

So what do you think???  Is it different enough???  I think it is...  and even though it is I still like it...  and I also had fun doing it...  not as much as I normally do... but hey... without flowers life is jsut a line!!!!   

Well take a second look and I have a huge sunflower in the center!!!! Yeah... and I didn't even try!!!  Oh well...  flowers are ME...  

Hope that this meets the challenge qualifications...  yikes...  

Thanks Erin for all the love that you put into each challenge... and I am looking forward to another fun year of doing as many as I can... Glenn and I have also decided that we are going to be doing the Farmers Market this year.. so our Saturdays are going to be rather busy... so I will not be one of the first ones to finish this year...  unless things change again!!!!   It will be a fun experience for us... and I am also going to teach there ...  Boxes and Flowers are in the first classes in February...  the 21st and 23 of the month... from 1-5.... fun, fun, fun....  love it all..  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit and also for all the lovely comments that you all leave for me... I would really love to have dsl or anything a little faster than dial up... but I think we are stuck with this slow method of being on line for the duration of time here... not a fun thing... just reality!!!  

Happy New Year to all of you... and may it be the happiest ever...  with good health and lots of love all around you always...  

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie 


  1. Nice job. For me it is the opposite. I like the organic tangles but tend to use them more in the square tiles and ZIA's rather than the Zendalas. The orange is a nice touch.

  2. I think you did an excellent job of following the instructions for this tangle. This ZIA looks very different from your usual pieces. I really like it and also like (very much) all the flowers, vines and veggies you usually draw.

  3. You did a great job. The zendala looks so different and so not bonnie that I have to admit, you did the challenge very good. I agree with you that it is very difficult to leave the things out we love so much (especially the shading part), but it is fun to see what creativity this brings to you if you use the do not usual thing theory of Erin! I had a lot of fun with it, but also look forward to do a zendala againg with the things I love.

  4. oooo this was really a challenge and it's so funny to see all the posts saying: oooo c'mon it was a torture :) but to be honest: i love your dala this week!

  5. I am normaly not very interrested in zendalas. It´s just not me. But this one is so beautyful that it emediately caught my eyes there on my blog! Wow!

  6. Gorgeous. I posted my orange-sepia version before coming here to look at yours. What a coincidence! I think you've done a really great job on this - it has flow and continuity and some lovely patterns!Especialy those outside diamonds are spectacular.

  7. Bonnie, your work is always so pretty--I love this! Soft with just a perfect pop of orange--gorgeous!

  8. As you all know I would LOVE to write to each one of you and also to be able to see your lovely pieces of work... Dial up does limit my abilities... LOL but I would like to again thank each and every one of you for all the lovely comments you make week after week... Thanks from the whole of my heart... I love you all... and someday maybe and that is a HUGE maybe I will be able to view all of your lovelies... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

  9. Your, o so different, zendala is beautiful Bonnie! We alle stepped far out of our comfort zone.

  10. Love the tangles you used and the pop of color just finished it off fabulously!

  11. Terrific on so many levels! It's very different from your other work, so that's a great response to the challenge. The color is subdued, except for that perfect pop of orange. Great choice of tangles, and it's so fun to look at.