Saturday, April 16, 2011

White Dogwoods

 Around our yard we have a lot of white dogwoods... very typical of the area we live int... they are all over the place.. and one is prettier than the next... This one is in our front yard.. right out the front of the studio... so I look at this tree all day long... and see all the pretties beyond it also... I can't get a good picture of the whole tree unless I walk way up the driveway... it is way too large.. this picture was taken from the studio door!!!!  LOOKING up in the tree...

What a wonderful site...

This is another white dogwood on the edge of the house...  as you can see there are lots of Azaleas that have not bloomed yet... we are waiting for all to be in bloom... love the visions they give to us each and every year....

We have all different colors in them.. as you will see in the next batch of flowers in our yard blog...

So be on the look out for them...

Have a wonderful day and enjoy each and every flower you see... each one is truly a gift...

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie


  1. Hi Bonnie,
    Thanks for showing your beautiful trees. You are so lucky to have Dogwood, it doesn't grow over here in the UK naturally.. Have you ever pressed them.. I have seen them look fantastic as pressed flowers..
    Sylvie x

  2. Bonnie
    These are wonderful. I think Dogwood is one of the prettiest flowers.

  3. There wonderful Bonnie!! I love them!!