Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Enjoy Life's Simple Moments

Enjoy Life’s Simple Moments
Do you do this?? I am trying, but sometimes life seems so complicated and busy that I am not sure which end is suppose to go into which direction… LOL… do you ever had days like that???? 

Well I seem to be having a lot of them lately.. .but that is okay as I try and come into the studio and play and create a few cards ….

So this card came together really in a very different way… about a week ago I get quite a few sets of Just Rites… and decided to take the quiet afternoon and just make medallions… using all the new stamps… I had so very much fun.. and came up with 20 some odd medallions (the center part of the card) and put them all into a box to use as I needed them… and then the fun starts… 

I also of course had the Just Rite Challenge in mind and thought I would be prepared a little bit in advance… and then when I saw that we had to make a flower… I was in my GLORY… I love to make flowers… 

So I made some flowers…  and started to put together some cards…

Makes good common sense… right??? 

Well the flowers are so very much fun to make.. I love making them… and love the way that they turn out… really fun…  pulled some paper out that would tie the whole card together … and voila’ have a new card… one that will go to a friend… who is always sending me wonderful cards and ideas… Thanks, I really appreciate it…  and you know who you are… 

The butterfly… made from a layered sticker… and copper mesh… love the different textures of this type of card… paper, satin ribbon braid, copper mesh, paper flower made with sparkling paints, punched paper… all different textures…

Hope you will play today… create a card… send it to a friend and have tons of fun while making it… she will know that when she receives it… believe me she will…

Have a wonderful day… and enjoy… thanks for stopping by and hope you will come back again tomorrow ….

Love, Light and Peace....Bonnie 


  1. This is a real keeper. Your flowers are wonderful. I love the layout and all the layers here.

  2. I love all your creations!! But then, I have come to expect a lot from you. I just wish you didn't make me feel so uncreative!! LOL! Love you, gf!! Big Hugs!

  3. Bonnie
    Another wonderful card.

  4. Love your pretty card! Come on over and see what I've made with ruffled medallions! :)