Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Play Day....

Oh what fun we had… making flowers and cards...  
The bottom flowers on Joy card...  more below 

Sande making flower layer

and Marie
Marie making a flower layer

and I played making flowers… we had so very much fun… first off we had lunch… then we got started having fun… talking is all part of it… and we certainly did a fair share of that… 
Then we got down to serious business… making flowers!!!
First off I have to refer to a card I made for the Just Rite Challenge… as this is what started the whole flower thingy…  I wanted to make a card… but had really cut my finger very deeply… thank you to all that worried about it… my immune is very strong, so in a two days I was back to normal… but because of the cut, had come up with a new way of making flowers… I was unable to ‘twirl’ the stylist to create the paper to bruise… and turn up… so what is the next best thing???  To pound on it… which I did… and it was a little hard, so I used my water sprayer and spritzed some water onto the painted flowers… voila’ it was a wonder… and then I layered them to create SOME flowers… well if you know me at all… I am very prolific.. so I made quite a few flowers… but had to share with friends… so here are Sandy and Marie making their flowers…  (by the way… both loved the flower that they made too.. and we found a few more techniques too… )  so much fun to play and create..

Well…. Here are a few of the cards I put together after they left… 

I again have to refer back to tell you that I got some new Just Rites… and HAD to play with them… so I stamped them all… some in ink, some embossed … and then I sat and colored them in with markers, H20 paints what ever I felt in the mood to do… each one is alittle different as you will see.. .I got over 20 of these stamped and colored… then I started to mount them onto papers or onto spellbinders etc… what ever moved me with each unique piece… that is one thing that I really find so very enjoyable about using Just Rites… each time I use one, it is entirely different… no two are alike… I really have a hard time doing that…  after I had each medallion made, I then made the card for each one… 5x7, 6x6 or 5.5x8.5   three of the sizes that I use all the time… then I placed a medallion on each one… and had ‘kits’ made up for each one of the medallions… a flower in each pile… naturally to match the color scheme… and then a bow or two… and other flowers that I wanted to use… maybe even an embossed background paper… leaves and anything else that I felt had to go with the making of each card…

So that is what I did… and here are the first ones off the production line…. LOL.. some production line huh???


I really had a fun day with Marie and Sande… and also had a lot of fun even after turning all the flowers in to cards…  Hope that you will have fun with making flowers… they are a lot of creative fun… and we used generally the Rose Spellbinder set… it was just perfect… and also H20’s to color the paper…  a little glue, a gem stone or pearl in the middle and it is almost as good as real…

Have a fun time making some… And t hanks for stopping by for a visit…  See you soon… more cards will be following tomorrow… some back for another visit…
Love, Light and Peace....Bonnie  


  1. Bonnie your card are wonderful, as usual. The flowers you and your frieds created are amazing.

  2. Bonnie
    So glad you had a great playday with your friends. Also glad the finger is healing well.
    What can I say? Your flowers and cards are absolutely gorgeous and I love each and everyone of them.

  3. Wow, your flowers are awesome! I especially like the dogwood blossoms! The cards are all just fabulous--thanks for the inspiration!