Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Making your own background papers

I love to make my own background papers... so this challenge wasn't really a challenge at all.. but of course I had to make a few cards...

This one I used a paper that I made... and then I put the paper into the scanner and copy it... I can that way use it many times...

I used my H20's... and them embossed all different type of stamps to create an explosion... it is called Spring explosion... I also love to do 3D's so this was really a fun card for me..

This was a card for a very special gal on line... her name is Mutnik... a funny to the bone humor person, with a great deal of talent to create fun loving and very very unique cards.. So we had to case her... which means to go into her gallery and make a card that copies hers but you add a few changes... so this is my card ... I used two of her cards... one had the technique called black magic.. where you stamp on black paper with white ink ... and then color the item.. it is really very showy type of stamping.. so I did this... and Cathy the gal who we were casing had made a card... with a pile of rocks... and a huge bear... and she titled the card... Hi Honey I'm Home... so that is the title of this card too.. LOL.. Cathy is a hoot in all ways... so funny.
Hope you enjoy this.. and enjoy the site today...
Thanks for visiting me... Love, Light and Peace..Bonnie

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