Thursday, March 25, 2010


I had gotten out all my Tea Bag 'stuff' to create a special medallion.. and when doing so, had to make a wreath... sometimes you just don't have any control over why you HAVE to do something.. you just have to do it... well that is the way it was yesterday... So I used the Lotus spellbinder template and then put the wreath on the top of that... I love the look... and then of course made the rest of the card... using the cuddlebug Asian Koi folder I then painted with H20's.. and then put onto the backgrounds... a really nice card...

It does look a lot nicer in real life.. you can see the fish better.. they are painted white.. and have a nice gloss to them..
I have been studying how to create the Chinese characters... and this one means Spirit.. I felt that the spirit of Tea Bag Folding needed to brought out again in my life.. .and also maybe I could get others excited about it again too.. I know that I have taught a lot of gals in our stamping group how to fold... do you ever create with these fun tiles and put the medallions on cards???? How about all the gals that bought CD's from me to learn how to create the medallions.. do you ever use the CD's... and do you ever make cards with the medallions... I love making these fun medallions or wreaths.. .they are so very majestic on a card.. and really makes one realize that they are a special person when they receive not only a hand made card.. but also a card with a medallion on it.. .Each medallion takes about 10 minutes or longer to create.. the one on the page in the book that follows... a little longer, because it is a double medallion... about 15-18 minutes... a special treat...

Well thanks for checking in.. Hope you have a fun day... and it if you have any tea bag tiles... get them out and create a medallion... get those fingers to folding again..

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

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  1. I love your medallions as always. I also like the fish swirling around in the water -- they ARE fish aren't they? Anyway, I like it!

    Hugs, April