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Tea Pot Tuesday are always a fun filled time... it is a game or funny game challenge.. and I love every minute of it...

I also created this card using the Sketch from Midnight Madness... so this is a three way challenge card..

The story for this one is complex.. but it you want to read it all... here it is..

This is what Cindy... aka Mother Mark wrote this week..

Note: Anyone is welcome to play! Also, you do not have to write a story. You just have to be inspired by the teapot or by the story about this week's location! Have fun!

This is my story!

1. Tee Hee! Lookee here! I got this awesome little chocolate bunny teapot from my friend Pat Smethers. She's said that she about flipped when she saw it, she kept her eye on it for quite some time. First it was $29.99, then reduced to $19.00 and then went all the way down to $5.00! Now DATS whut I'm talkin' bout! Snort! Just goes to show you, if you are persistent and patient you will be rewarded. However, sometimes, the lady before you will spend $19.00 and you're outa luck, Buck! Snort! I think she bought it around Easter last year cuz she said it gave her serious giggles for a year! By the time she packaged it up and spent the postage to get it to me, I am sure she was back up to $29.99! You shouldn't have Pat! But I am so glad you did! Thank YOU!!!!

2. When seeing this teapot, I was moved to write a little poem!

Meet Brutus, the Bunny
Who's just a smidge funny!

He's totally of his rocker,
I know! It's a shocker!

His mom, bless her heart,
It's been hard from the start!

And throughout the years,
She's been driven to tears!

There! Look at that! He peed on that log!
What is his problem? He's a wannabee dog!

Be quiet! You'll hear it! The most incredible moan,
It's the pleasure he gets from his big juicy bone!

He's been known to just hollar!
It's pink! Not a dog collar!

He's a disgrace to all rabbits,
with the most annoying of habits!

He hates those orange carrots
Gives them all to the ferrets!

And when there's work to be done,
To bring children some fun....

He just sits on his keester,
Ignores all that is Easter!

Can you see? Don't you see? Why Thumper and Peter,
Are completely convinced, he's a big Easter Cheater!

Awww...Come on There Brutus!
Help us out or just shoot us!

Look at me! Look at me! I'm not a big fake!!
Look at me! Did you see? Now I can shake!!

(That's a puppy dawg shake ifn' ever I saw one!)

3. So, here's the story, Mory! Mory is Brutus' best friend. He's a ferret and the recipient of many a carrot! (At least 42,000!) He's a little reserved, a little shy, not a *in your face* kinda guy! He's not quite sure how to handle this whole identity crisis for his friend, Brutus. Part of him wants his little buddy to be a dog but part of him loves his cute widdo bunny friend! One thing is for certain, he is tired of stressing about this dilema. That's where we come in!

4. With only about a week before Easter, we need to either convince Brutus to be a bunny and step up to the plate and help out at Easter. Or we need to convince him to leave that life behind permanently and buy a new dog house! So, depending on your most valued opinion of this whole deal, bring a bunny, an Easter basket, pink ribbon or a carrot or two. On the other hand, bring a fire hydrant, a collar, a dog house or a dog bone or two! And if you are the wishy washy type (like me!) then bring a doggie in a bunny costume! Snort! You know the drill!

And this is what I wrote for the card above....

I made this card for Three Challenges this week… One was Betty’s Color Challenge… and this week the colors are Teal, Saffron, and Basic gray… with a flower for dessert…

Also for Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge…

And also for Mother Mark Tea Pot Tuesday … which is what the following story is all about… the beginning of the story can be found at

Well here is my story… Brutus was trying to figure out which direction he wanted to go in… and was still thinking … thinking and more thinking… and all of a sudden his little Friend, Marissa, came over to help him…and she sat the quietly while he was meditating on his dreams… she didn’t quite know how to talk to him… and finally she spoke in a rather loud Bunny Voice.. which to you and me would sound like a growl… She asked him what he was thinking about… and he said that he was having these funny dreams about what he would look like if he was dog… Brutus??? A dog… with blue nail polish on his toe nails… with a blue collar around his thick neck??? He didn’t know if he could take it… and then he would start to think about the fact that maybe he would be better off being a pig… piggies were really cute… but he tried to visualize himself with dark gray polka dotted skin.. and he thought that would be really wild… and that is when Marissa came along… Oh wow… she smelled so bunny wonderful and he really did love her… she was one of the sweetest bunnies in all of Bunnyville.. and wow… she was over here trying to help HIM…. Brutus… the mess up… she really was showing him all kinds of love and affection… so maybe he needed to stop for awhile … and rethink this whole thing about being a true Bunny for Easter and do the Easter thing… and then ask Marissa to Marry him… Oh he had a lovely new house all picked out… but maybe he should really be a piggy.. or maybe a puppy… that was still running thru his head… but all of a sudden…. Marissa looked at him… and batted her beautiful eyes… and he felt his heart leap…. And he went and signed up to help out on Easter… the rest is all “his story”… and he keeps on telling all of his 42,000 kids the same story every year at this same time of year….

The funniest part of the whole story is that Mory is still running around looking for more carrots… he found a stash of carrots the other day.. and is so happy… he claims that there are over 42,000 in just one pile… and there are 42,000 piles of carrots… oh my goodness must be a carrot mess… Oh well Mory is happy in Carrot land… and that is good..

Thanks for visiting my Blog... have a wonderful day...

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

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