Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Kre8Tive Klasses for YOU

I bet you think I have been goofing off... well I haven't been doing that at all.. I have been busy as all get out...  LOL..  

I have 9 klasses for you to take a look at...
Card klasses, box classes, medallion art classes... and much more to come... I am trying to get as many classes on line as I can for you to enjoy.. . 
 Never Ending Cards... Tea Bag Medallion classes...  How to's and much more...  check them out.. 

I feel that with the price of things today we need to have things more available for us to enjoy... and easy to get instructions to make beautiful gifts, and pleasure items...  so I hope you will take a look and see all the pretties.. . 

I hope to hear from you... I have added a Pay Pal Button on each class... they are easy to receive... some are on line, and some I have to mail to you.. but I do it really quickly... no fooling around.  

I know what it is like to want something yesterday...  and so I get these things out to you as soon as I can. within 24 hours max.  (snail mail..)  if the class is on line... it is generally within a few hours..  

Hope you will give me some ideas on some other classes you would like to take..  I love creating classes and projects to teach.  

I have about 15 more up coming and just have to get them all up loaded... that is my major problem... dial up does limit me a little bit... LOL..  But I do get it done...  

Thanks a million for all of you have recently purchased Kre8tive Klasses... and I know you have loved them... as each one of you has written me back saying so.. thanks for that vote of Love and confidence..  

Have a GREAT day... enjoy a safe holiday week-end... 
Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie  

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