Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ebony and Ivory

My Love today is being sent to all the people in Oklahoma.... I watched this yesterday unfold and my mouth was on the floor... I don't know if I could make it through something like that... they are super people to live there and have that always over their shoulder to watch for.. . I just am sending my love to all there...  and all effected by this horrible storm...  

I am keeping my fingers crossed today as we are suppose to get some SEVERE storms today... and we are right in line with that area...  Living in the mountains does have a little bit of an advantage, as the tornadoes have a hard time landing...  keeping fingers crossed and hopes that these storms die out...  

Onto something more uplifting...  

So many people asked what Tea Bag folding is.. and also I got quite a few E-mail letters asking for classes etc... Everything happens when it is suppose to I guess...  I taught Tea Bag Folding over 10 years ago... and then moved onto other things...  Cards, Boxes, books, Zentangling, Basket making, learning techniques on how to create different ways with paper etc... I love creating and love making things and projects that keep my interest.   So here I am back at the beginning of paper teaching...  with Tea Bag Folding...  it is one of the many pleasures that I do love..  truly LOVE making medallions for special things..  

The most fun is that they are easy to make, and add so much to what ever you are adding them too.. . 

So I have added another page to my Medallion Art blog... and will be offering classes,  to those that are interested and also for those of you  that just want to know what it is... it is little pieces of paper folded to create a medallion...  the size of paper is all up to you... the tiles I have designed are many... in fact I think at the last count it was well over 10,000... so I have decided that I don't need to count anymore... just enjoy them ...and create with them...  

Here is where you can see more Boxes and things that I have created with medallion art..
Hope you enjoy your time there...  

Okay... I also did a few Tangles last night too... 

 I made some tiles that measure only 3x3 inches... and so these first three are done on those...  

I had a lot of fun doing these..  

 Ruffles going in and some on the outside... 
 A quick string just before going into bed...  a really quick one...  but a fun one none the less.. 
 This one is on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper... and I love making these look like tiles... Maria is always doing that... have you seen their book???  So many wonderful inspirations in there... and the bugs... love them... going to have to get into drawing them... I just love them.  

Maria and Rick are always busy sharing and giving us inspirations to create more and new things... and that is what Laura wants us to do this week with the challenge...  

So.. this is what I have created...   

 I really didn't have my heart into this...  I have been meditating for the people of Oklahoma, and should really have taken my time with this one.. but I do have a full week, but will hopefully find time to do one with heart and excess time...  

Mirrowing is a fun process...  I haven't done it in a long long time.. . Hope you like it...  This is truly not a mirror image.. but close enough for this...  a few errors, but I am a human... not a machine...  This one is very black and white with no shading... just stark black and white... 

I had made a tangle the other day using one of Maria's originals as a model...  Mine is not 100% like hers... hers are so free flowing and I love them...  mine is not as free... but I do love it... 

Anyway... I took the one and added onto it with black paper...  

What do you think???  

Fun times...  

Well... I don't think we are getting the storms today... the sun is still out... the heat is on...  around 88 degrees outside...  a little cooler inside... (no AC is not on... I personally don't care for it...)  

Now to make dinner... I have been so absorbed in this all day... that nothing has gotten done... LOL... except these...  

So please go to the Diva's blog...    and check out all the details etc...  It is a fun challenge... even though it is a little bit difficult...  I really had to think through this one...  Brain in gear and go...  

Have a great day...  enjoy and create something wonderful... and send prayers to Oklahoma people.... 

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie 



  1. All of them are beautiful, and so, so creative!

  2. I love your mirror black and white and your fun with your Photo editor; flip and invert on the last, very effective!
    My thoughts go out to the Oklahoma victims also, thanks for your sharing.

  3. Wow, how did you get all that done so quickly. I felt your first tile for the challenge was amazing and then I scrolled down and was blown away by your second example! I am speechless and in awe!

  4. Yes I agree Bonnie, your reversal is superb!

  5. They are all great but the bottom one is my favourite, it is fantastic.

  6. I think it looks like you did it digitally! Amazing that you did the reversal by hand. Lovely work. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love the mirroring - but your first ivory and ebony tile is so beautiful with it's bold yet elegant design.

  8. I love all your work, it is amazing!

  9. I love all of your pieces as normal. Very beautiful work!

  10. I love both of your tiles, but the first one would really look great on a t-shirt! I also love what you have to say and share in your blog. Makes me feel like I wish we were neighbors! :) Wait a minute, if you lived across the street from me we would never run the vacuum or get errands done because we would be tangling all day!

    Be happy and creative,

    Jacque Solomon

  11. They are all very beautiful Bonnie. The Ebony and Ivory is gorgeous; a very strong tile.

  12. the last one is my favorite but are always beautiful and inspired

  13. Amazing tiles and wonderful post. Thanks!

  14. My you have been busy. Like your mirror image. But also like the negative in the last tile. Great job.