Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Monday

I am happy today... BUT...our son and his wife have been visiting us for the past week... and today is the last day they will be here...  boo hoo... so even though the sun is out for the first time since they have been here... I am a little sad to see them starting to gather things up for their trip home... they dug some Sun Artichokes today... and loaded up a couple of bushels of Sweet Potatoes... also I packed up some Pickled Okra, and Pickled peppers...  and some of Glenns' Special Persimmon vinegar..  Yummmm  it is so very delicious...  We have had a nice visit... but as normal.. way way to short...  but they are looking for land in this area.. so hopefully they will be down here more often...  that will be a wonderful asset to our lives..  

The Challenge today  (the Diva's )is to use Rick's newest TANGLE... this one is called Schway...  I love Feng shui...and generally have the house arranged in a feng Shui manner..  But at this moment in time... LOL.. it is a wreck...  stuff is all over the place...  

Anyway...  here is my TIA for the day..  

 I really had fun doing this TIA...  had to get some flowers in there too...  

What would a tangle be without flowers ...

I think that this tangle will be used a lot... thanks Rick... it is really easy and fun to use.  Love that about some of the tangles....  

Here is another piece I sort of did at some time this past week.. . ????  Not really sure when...  

 I love the spring time.. one of my very favorite times of the year...  so I had to use some green leaves.. they seem to be all over the place... and the rain has really brought them out even more...  

Hope that no matter where you are living that your weather is nice... and that you are enjoying it every bit of it..  

Thanks for stopping by... and have a GREAT day...
Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie  



  1. Brilliantly camouflaged, the Shway.

  2. I love your way of Tangle the Shway. Beautiful tile. Lovely.

  3. I love the organic nature of your schway

  4. Your tiles flow so beautifully!

  5. There it is! The organic Shway I have been looking for, Bravo!

  6. A great interpretation of schway and elegant as always!

  7. You have certainly pulled off the organic Schway, well done.

  8. Wow your schway tia is so great. It looks like a street you have to follow along the arrows, but wich (sch)way???

  9. I'll follow you anywhere on your schway path! Lovely.

  10. wonderful, bonnie. Really love the dimension in your first piece - and the flowers!

  11. Love both pieces. Simply gorgeous.

  12. Your work is so beautiful. I especially like the organic interpretation of "schway".

  13. Bonnie, I'm so impressed by your Schway. It is gorgeous.
    And, I do know this sad feeling after a visit from your child that lives far away. My daughter lives in Switserland about 700 km from here.
    But .... we're so much luckier then parents who have children nearby and never see them.
    Be blessed!

  14. Great job on the Schway. Like the way it looks like a path.