Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More Kukes

I had a little time last night to play.... so I tangled... I have been working on a class for this Saturday and have totally gotten absorbed into it... I am loving doing Tea Bag Folding again... which I had gotten away from for way too long... so I was really enjoying making some pretty medallions...  

You can see more of these on my class scheduling... but I had to share this one with you.. . 

 I use to do tons of tea bag folding ... and now that I have my hands back on the tea bag tiles I have been totally absorbed by them... I also created all the tiles myself too.. . which is also so very much fun... 

I call this box the Pink Lotus... the medallion is almost 2 inches high...  what a pretty one it is...  The box is only about 3 x 3 inches... so it is a fun little box.  

 This week on the Diva's challenge, Laura has given us yet another new to me tangle... I really am loving it too..  it is easy and fits into so many places...  you don't have to fit it in... it just fits in the tiniest of places...  Kukes... and since that is a favorite fruit, I eat a lot of them...  have a few very favorite recipes too.  another subject again.. . I guess I love to wander when I write... LOL.. I really find so much to talk about... and share.  

I love the way that Marie Thomas does this with her tiles... and so I tried it... it is really quite fun....  I also had the purk traveling from one tile to the other...  

Look at those kukes...  love them too... 
 This one is a little bit smaller...  and I only used one kuke... but did have fun with all the grids, and swirls...  

Anyway...  another day... another couple of tangles...  

Tomorrow I have a lot of misc things to get caught up on... so no tangling for a few days...

Thanks for stopping by... and for all the lovely comments that all you sweet people leave... I really appreciate them all...just wish I was able to get around to see all that you create... of course my head would be spinning I am sure... and then I would most likely not tangle as much...  Never a dull moment...  

have a wonderful time and see ya'll soon.. 

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie  


  1. So, you had more time to tangle and made some beautiful tiles.
    They are stunning Bonnie!

  2. I have never heard of tea bag folding and your medallion is beautiful! I love your tiles cool how Purk is traveling from one tile to the next! Off to look at your class scheduling to see more tea bag folding.

  3. Lovely tile. Lovely tea-bag folding, but what is that????

  4. I like these. I think I like this pattern best when it is used as a space filler - taking on the shape of the space, rather than having a defined shape of its own. I also like the darker background around the 'petals'. Great work.

  5. Lovely work. I really like your purk as well.

  6. I really like the framing of your overlap tiles - with purk going from one to the other - a great effect. Your tile with the one Kuke is very effective too and it adds a nice rounded dimension. Tea bag folding? I've never heard of it, but it looks like origami - is it something similar?

  7. I love the one which looks as if it were two tiles. The pattern who goes straight from on into the other. Very nice!