Sunday, July 17, 2011

Flowers a plenty

Flowers are one of my very favorite things in life... I love them all... Real ones and also love making paper ones, metal ones and even make flowers out of food, like radishes...  love flowers...

So today when the Challenge on Ink on my Fingers was to make a flower... it certainly was not a hard challenge...  I decided that I would use a box that I had made though, and the reason is a very very good one in all ways...

My studio is all Christmas theme.... as I have been working on projects all week to teach techniques and have totally trashed the studio in all ways.... so today I will be picking it up and getting things a little bit more organized so that I can continue to work tomorrow on more projects...  and more techniques...

So this box!!!  Oh wow... I love the way it turned out... I had sorted out all kinds of 12 x 12 papers for making envelopes out of ... as I needed to get rid of some of my stash... and these three pieces of lavender and violet papers jsut screamed to be used to make some flowers... so I sat there and made a 'few' and when I made them, I wasn't really sure how I would use them.. but they were so pretty that they would be going on something special... When I was making a few boxes one day... I put them all on this one box and drapeed them down the sides too... with a big bow... very fussy and pretty... even added some lavender leaves!!!!  Ever seen lavender leaves???  Me neither.. but now we both have...

I am having a class to teach how to make flowers on August 6th... and if you would like to join us please check out this site... and sign up for this fun class... we will make a box, and at least 3 different kinds of flowers... including a metal one...So come on over and join in on the fun.. the store... Scrapbook Creations is loaded with all kinds of fun... there is even a cottage where you can stay overnight, so that you and your friends can crash when you are tired... and scrap until the wee hours... and have a blast... Ice cream store is attached and under the same roof... what fun is that... !!!!  What a place to have fun. 

So would love to see you there... we will have a fun time... have a wonderful time today.. and enjoy what ever it is you are going to do...  I will have lots to share with you in a few weeks... so keep busy creating and love it all... 
Thanks for stopping by today.. and again...
Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie


  1. I absolutely love your flowers! They are stunning. Have a good day.

  2. Gorgeous flowers Bonnie, loving their 3d-ness... thanks for joining in with the Sunday sTamper x

  3. Bonnie
    Such a glorious flowers!!! Funny, I just cut out some maeve flowers to make up after lunch. :)

  4. Gorgeous project Bonnie, just loving those flowers and the soft romantic colour combo.

  5. Absolutely beautiful Bonnie! Hope you are enjoying your summer!

  6. Beautiful flowers! You are a flower pro! Awesome!