Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A little Sweetie

I have a friend that sells Stampin Up… I generally have more stamps than I will ever use… but this set called Easter Blessings was so very cute with this little girl… that I had to have it…  so even though Easter is long past… I am still going to use it… because we collect eggs on the farm everyday… and this little girl could be living on a farm, collecting eggs everyday too…  So I am going to use this stamp a lot… I love it… 

I will start at the background… I used a piece of paper to create the matching green paper… used my Tim Holtz stamper and created the paper with 4 different green inks…  then cut some Martha Stewart Paper lace for the edge….

Using a Grand Labels 4, I cut the next layer… and ran it through the Swiss Dot Cuttlebug folder… 

Another piece of paper was put through a Cuttlebug frame to create the frame for this sweet little girl… I used a green ink pad to color the embossing….  Then mounted her in the middle of it…

Of course it had to have some pretty flowers around it…  so I added yellow flowers that I created with the Spellbinder flower die set… some foliage leaves… and  a lime green bow…  a few little pieces of paper lace here and there to add a pretty touch… and it was done… ready to be mailed…

Some gals asked me the other day how I mail these cards… as most are about an inch thick… and even if I do mail them… well these are not just any old card… it is a gift in reality… a piece of art work in my mind.. so I treat it as a gift…  I will use a blister package from something to put over the flowers and then put it into a padded envelope or box…  like a priority box that you can get FREE at the post office…. And mail it off…  I always use the word FRAGILE on the package and always tell my post master to use anything else word wise to protect this package…. They always seem to arrive in one piece and un hurt in anyway…  so for that I am glad…

When you put a lot of time into making a card… mail it off in the proper way… spend a little extra to make sure that the person receiving it, knows that it is special to you, the sender and then hopefully they will treat it the same way…  I also will only send cards to people who I KNOW will love them the same way… 

Have a good day… and take care to enjoy the season around you…. Even if it is a rainy day… or overcast… each kind of day means something in nature…  enjoy it..

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.. .and hope you will come back again…  Love, Light and Peace....Bonnie 


  1. Bonnie
    So pretty. She could be carrying anything in her basket (flowers, puppies, kittens etc.) and not just eggs. What a great stamp.
    I love how you think-about enjoying the season around you. I never complain about the weather because I always think winter is sleep, fall is the evening getting ready for sleep, summer is the day, spring is the early morning getting ready for the day.

  2. beautiful card bonnie-love the frame that you created around this sweet little girl-I love that stamp as well-although I didnt buy it-your cards are works of art-I have 2 of them sitting on display in my living room. One of them is the card you made when Phoenix Daisy was born. I think of you every time I look at them

  3. Hi Bonnie - I love what you did with the stamp - isn't she pretty?
    And I love my flowers you taught me to make - I made a few more over the weekend and will have to find the perfect project for them!