Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Celebrate.. I am ready to celebrate my 68th birthday...  YIKES... I was just 21 a few years ago... where has the time ever gone...  so very much fun and creation each and every day of my life... in so many ways... I have had a very interesting life and have met so very many wonderful people...  for more details on things I have done... you can read my profile... it is more like a book!!!! LOL... a real problem for me... nothing fits into a nut shell... LOL... at all..  Profile or book... 

Anyway... that is me...  

So I had to create a few things last night for a few challenges... one of the Challenges is for Creative Every Day... where the theme is I had to think of my birthday and that word...  right???  

And the other challenge is for the I am the DIVA challenge of the week... which I had already done a piece for... but hey... I am just prolific in all ways... so I had to use the tangle a few more times...  

So lets get started...  as I have a few things to share with you...  

 When I think of Celebrations, I think of JOY...  Joy in all ways around the celebration...  and of course at this time of year we are looking at all the wonderful holidays that are coming up in this month of December...  JOYOUS ness plus...  all people love to celebrate the seasonal feelings... even if they are alone during this time...  they are still happy or joyous to be alive...  so I did this painting in my art journal for JOY...  

I attached a zen tangle ball as an ornament...  and some seam binding to hold it in place...  LOL... the yin yang of life...  the balance we all need to keep each and every day of our lives...  oh so many things we do each and every day without even thinking about it... but it gets done...  

 A HUGE Paisley with a flower... of course, on the top of it...  and it sort of reminded me a balloon taking off from the field...  I love those huge balloons when they take off...  have you ever seen that... I love watching them at night too... with all their lights on...  oh so very magical in all ways...  I put a few Keenees at the bottom to balance this one...  and then surrounded the celebration with the girlande tangle...  I love this one...  

Of course the feeling of each holiday that is celebrated during this time... is LOVE.. love for everything, everyone and a joyous love of life... what could be more perfect... LOVE...   

So I had to make a couple of Yin Yang hearts... and then add a few keenees..  to dangle from the E...  

I didn't want to color the hearts as they needed to balance by themselves...  on their own right...  

Okay... now this one is all about the celebration that I am going to have...  

One of  LOVE, Joyous, Happy, Fun and lots MORE...  68 years young!!!!  


A little snail.. and little frog... and lots of shells...  LOL...  oh well I have never ever said I was 'normal'  just fun loving and love do create...  

These balloons are so very joyous in real life... I love the contrasting colors in each one...  anyway... it is all about CELEBRATION... and I do hope that you will celebrate too... no matter what it is...  just celebrate each and every day...  it is always a good thing to do...  

Thanks for stopping by...  and don't forget to see the rest of the alphabet that is going on...  On Thursday  I will publish the whole set on a separate page... and also show you the third set!!!  Oh yes... prolific me... was at it again... three sets of alphabet tangled letters...  LOL...  

Love, Light and Peace.... Bonnie   ps... please think World Peace... deep inside of you...  thanks... 


  1. Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day. All these tangles are lovely, the colour really brings them to life, my favourite is the one with Joy.

  2. You are so very talented!!!! Happy Birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday and I must say that it is a joy to see your lovely zentanging each week!

  4. Bonnie you have been a very busy girl today. Happy Birthday, I love your age, same as me. Your designs are awsome and I like your balloons too.

  5. Happy, happy birthday! You have a birthday and we get the joy of your fabulous creativity; this is looking pretty good from my end! I hope this year is better than last, a year full of Love Light and Peace!

  6. Happy birthday Bonnie,
    Your work makes me very happy, love the colors.

  7. Cheers for a very happy birthday, your art shows a wonderful celebration!

  8. Happy birthday, Bonnir! I love your zest for life and your art work really reflects that!

  9. Happy Birthday to a very enlightened and creative woman ~ Lots of beautiful creations here and I love them all ~ ( A Creative Harbor) artmusedog and Carol ^_^

  10. Like every one else, I wish you Happy Birthday!!!!
    Your zia's are great again.

  11. Again they are all beautiful with great use of colors. But I have to admit I love the drawing of Joy. It is because you made a great christmas ball out of cruffle filling it with beautiful pais. So: WOW what a Joy.

  12. Happy Birthday, hope you have had a wonderful week. Your paintings are beautiful and I wish you the rest of a wonderful year x Enjoy

    Happy Holidays :)

  13. Happy birthday! Love the joy spreading art!! :)

  14. Happy Birthday! Your pictures are lovely. Love all the color combs.

  15. Your artwork is stunning. So beautiful...
    You GO GIRL!! Celebrate 68!! You look fantastic. xox

  16. Happy birthday, and thank you for the gift of seeing your lovely tangles. I was particularly taken with the cruffle ornament. Brilliant. Your work is so joyful and happy. It always makes me smile. Thank you!