Thursday, December 20, 2012


Are you balanced???  Are you able to think while others are going in a different direction??? Are you trying to stay in your own space of thinking???  I try to do all these things everyday of my life...  staying in the middle of my being...  enjoying life, to the fullest extent...  that to me is so very important... especially at this time on the Earth.   Trying to stay centered... even though 1000's or millions are very happy or very depressed... staying centered and enjoying life to the fullest...  BALANCED....  I hope I am making sense to you...  if not my picture above came to me while I was watching the movie ELF!!!!  Staying in a child's mind... and adults body... balanced??? or not...  I wanted to share it with you... as I loved doing this... and it was hard to keep the entire picture balanced... and still sign my name on it...  so shading helped...  

Have a wonderful day and night... and stay balanced...  

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie  


  1. Oh I just love this and especially the words.

  2. Thanks, love your words and your design. Love, light an peace to you too, Bonnie.

  3. Thanks Bonnie,
    These words do remind me to stay close to myself and keep in Balance.
    Your drawing is Perfect!

  4. I need balance and your balance in this piece is perfect!

  5. You found the right words to give to us. Thank you for sharing this!