Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Grungy Monday 13!   A lucky day… a lucky challenge and just a lot of fun all the way around…

Okay before I get started I have to tell you that on Grungy Monday they asked that we watch a  Video on Ranger site… well I had a problem with that… I have never been on You Tube… I have never watched a Video on my computer.. and have very limited experience with a lot of blogs… as I am this FAMOUS thing called DIAL UP…. Ugh!!!!  Not a nice thing… but at least I am connected to ya’ll… we live a very remote area… rural as it is known… my neighbor calls it Podunk… I call it Paradise… except when I can’t see some things on my computer… LOL… 

Oh well the pity party is over… on with my project for today…

I looked at what the other WONDERFUL pages were on the challenge and decided that a nice couple of pages done with my alcohol inks would be a fun thing…  Of course they are Adirondack Inks… I only have them… my studio is "a la Ranger/Tim Holtz"… so I think that explains that… LOL.. I love it all..and almost have it all... yikes... I am obsessed... and it is a great feeling...

That is why I love doing all these challenges that are associated with  Tim as I can use all my supplies and have fun... which this site Grungy Monday is... so please take a look and join in on the fun... 

So I made a ‘couple’ of pages… (truth be known… I got carried away and made quite a few… )  ( I also have to tell you that while I was doing all this, I was processing another bushel basket of green beans for the dehydrator and getting other things done… as my time today was short… very short for playing in the studio… but this was important too… ) 

I do ramble on… but that is just my nature…
Here is the page… 

I chose a few of the papers I had create with my alcohol inks… and the stamped on a few… chose the two I really liked… one stamped and one ‘plain’ for the background…  I used a few colors on the background one… along with GOLD… had to have the gold on there…

This page is 8.5 x 8.5 .... nice size, small enough  to handle and large enough for me to get everything on there... 

Then I made my page… I used some of my Seam Binding tape… Love using that stuff… and today I got three more rolls in the mail… yahoo…. Fun and games when I have more time…

I added a little Ideology too…  like a hanger for the ticket of LOVE…  also the little slides are surrounded by the slide die template…( all the little pictures are also of my Mom when she was only a small child… )   and then I covered it all with a sheet of plastic from a package… so it really feels like film… love the realness of that..
I made my flowers… and then for the picture… I used another piece of my alcohol paper for the background… and then using a very heavy Vellum that Marie gave me, I cut it out with a Cuttlebug embossing folder…  Oh I used some Micro pearls on the ribbon area.. as my Nana always use to wear pearls.. so they are for her…

This picture was taken about 90 years ago… as my  Mom is now 91.5… and does look a little different now… as a matter of fact she looks  a lot like her Mom now… 

Well hope you will check out Grungy Monday and join in on the fun… Thanks for taking a look at my blog today… and hope that you will come back again soon..  Please don’t forget to take a scroll down and look at the wedding book and also the toy book I made for my Mom… with some of the other pictures that she just sent to me… I am really having fun with them… 

Have a creative and happy day…
Love, Light and Peace....Bonnie


  1. Oh, Bonnie.... this is WONDERFUL! I love all the layers, colors, textures.... it's a work of art!

  2. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PAGE! To say more would detract from the stunning effect.

  3. this is a fab layout bonnie-it looks like you are having fun creating these books

  4. You may waffle ;0) but I love your chatter and work ;0)

    Love Dawn xx

  5. Oh, how very pretty!!! Will be back to look at more of your blog - silly work, getting in my way! lol
    Welcome to ATT - it's such a fun group!!!
    And you're in western NC? My ex is in Robbinsville - LOVE that area of NC!

  6. This is just over the top gorgeous!! Love this!

  7. Bravo! Boy did you work a lot on this vreation. I love allthe details, the film strip with the little pictures, the flowers, the seam binding ribbon and a great background made with alcohol inks!

  8. Gorgeous page! What a wonderful job you did with this!

  9. Really beautiful, wonderful layers and elements.

  10. Love the details! Fabulous! Wonderful layering and doodads! Great technique!

  11. and I would just saying I wish I could find someone that was doing the TH techniques for scrapbook pages.....and WOW! this just blew me away.

  12. Great page! I live in Podunk too. LOL We must be neighbors!

  13. Bonnie, I am enjoying the work you are doing with all the pictures of your mom. So special. This layout is really lovely, well thought out. Thanks for the tip about covering the film strip with plastic, brilliant!

  14. Such a lovely piece with wonderful images and colour!
    So now it's over to you.

  15. This is fantastic! I've been procrastinating making a vintage scrapbook for my Grandparents thanks for the inspiration. Your work is so beautiful.