Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Well we finally saw the sun yesterday!!!  Amazingly so too... it was really wonderful!!!!  We have had so very much rain... so very unlike our 'normal' weather patterns... but it is good in some ways... as we really needed it.. . 

I have been busy with so many different things... getting classes ready for the fall... and also redoing so very many things...  also spending a lot of time reading... I am still not wearing my glasses... and I have to say that I really feel so very much better..  That book is wonderful.. I am sort of peeling off the layers of denial in life... and it is good..  I never really looked at glasses in that manner... but when you start to look (no pun intended)  it is so very true.  

Well this week Laura... I am the Diva challenge has given us a challenge that I had been playing with prior to Monday.. so I had a few of these done...  so last night I sat down and did one more...  

What fun...  

I had to try to do something entirely different... so I added this across a 3.5 x 3.5 tile...  and then put the grid in the background... a very interesting process... unlike any I have done prior...  simple and yet complete.  

 Three little birds...  and then a very easy background grid.  

Had to get some leaves in there for the little ones to perch on... LOL... my critters love comfort and small pleasures in life..  

This morning I saw the prettiest blue bird in the front yard... I don't see many of them... but when I do, they just are so wonderfully blue and sweet... love seeing them in the yard.  

 I had been staring at a basket and wanted to see if I could sort of get something similar to it... this is sort of really what it looks like...  the basket weave is really funny...  but an open sort of weave. 
 Still having fun with Birds on a wire...  and added one that was a little bit larger... LOL... and of course some mooka...  

When I start to play... I have really no ideas in my head... and go where the pen takes me... 

I love just doing my tangles and the outcome of the finished tile.  

I added somethings that were plain and simple... love that kind of thing.. 
 Circles on circles...  
and then loops on loops...  

 I cut a pile of 3.5 x 3.5 tiles from cardstock and have them sitting on a table.. and can just grab and go...  so at times I have to allow a purk to come thru... my favorite tangle... 
 Me and my flowers... I have to have flowers in my day of some kind...  that is all there is to it...  

So along came the birds on a wire... flowers... and an odd tripoli...  oh well... such is life in the zen world. 
Another one of  those things that you have to try and see what happens...  not the best... in fact rather weird... but at least it is different.. . 

 The Aura knot came out too... and then some leaves and plants growing all around it...  

it is bound into the paper with all the ways I could do it...  had fun with this little tile.. . 

Thanks again to Maria, Rick and Laura... I love playing with these..  

Hope you have a WONDERFULLY DELIGHTFUL day... and enjoy it all... I am going to pick up my studio, which is trashed... and try to make it a little bit more user friendly... LOL.. so I will be doing all the things that I like... i have a whole stack of new tiles to play with... so you never know what I will create with my tea bag folding today...  

Have a fun day... and thank you for taking your time to stop by for a visit...  I love all the wonderful comments you leave... thank you very very much.  
Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie  


  1. I love how you play and share your thought process along the way
    .lovely as always

  2. Love your topmost tile! That is one tangle I've never been able to do properly and you ACED it!

  3. Oh, I am so astonished about Your hard work! O, maybe it hasn't been hard work maybe it's been plaing, hope so.
    But what You show us is amaising and beautiful, all tiles are so great!!

  4. So much creativity, and they are all so lovely!

  5. I am amazed at all of your beautiful and incredible tiles! What fun! If you were my neighbor, my house would never get vacuumed because we would play, create, and craft ALL day long! :) Of course, I can't quit my job....

    Be creative and catch some Happy!

    Jacque Solomon

  6. You can tell (and see) that you are always so very happy while creating. I am so glad for you that you that you have that ability.
    All you created this week is so very lovely!

  7. You have been one busy lady. Like all of them.

  8. I'm blown away by your productivity and the beauty and playfulness of your tiles!! Such a joy to look at them, thank you!

  9. Hard to pick a favourite, they're all cleverly mastered :)

  10. I like your birds and fish, they all are nice

  11. The first tile is very elegant but all your tile are stunning. Love the fish and the bird too. Love how you played with the bird on a wire :)