Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pearls of Wisdom

This week we as a world recognize that EARTH DAY is on April 22nd.... but I hope that there are more of us that think of EARTH DAY as every day of the year...  so I tangled this .....  

 Everything in this TIA has a very special meaning to the Earth Mother and to Father Sky...  we all need to honor where we are and to cherish everything around us.... as we are ALL ONE .

The air we breathe, the soil we live from and live on.... the celestial seasons, the littlest critters, the sea, the fauna, and of course US...  So we think of that when we get into the car and take a needless trip to buy something that we can really do without...  do we think of that when we throw something out that should be used again and again..  Oh I could go on and on...  

This week on I am the DIVA, Laura gave us the challenge of using Earth Day as our theme...  Thank You Laura for making us look at where we are... 

I thank you for every thing that YOU do to help the Earth Mother and  the Father Sky... and thank you also for stopping by for a visit...  hope that you have a wonderfully beautiful day on this special place that we live...  Enjoy it 100% in all ways...  

I am looking out my windows and seeing azaleas blooming in Red, pinks, whites, and lavenders... so very pretty.... Dogwoods in White, and BRIGHT pinks...  the shiny leaves of the magnolia trees, the wonderful fragrant aroma of the pines, and the other trees just starting to get their green clothes.   I love it where I live.. and I hope that you do to...  look for the positive in the nature around you...  look for the clues of what is going on...  Mother Earth needs our help in keeping her alive...  our azaleas are beautiful... but they are a month late this year...  ?????  and that is not normal... the leaves came out first... usually the blooms are first...  wow... the earth is actually talking to us... and we are not listening...  

Please help us all.. and of course yourself.  
Thank You... 

Love, Light and Peace....Bonnie    


  1. Oh Bonnie, this is a wonderful celebration! I love it!

  2. Lovely colorful solution. The snail shell trumpet is perfect!

  3. Beautiful art and a wonderful post!

  4. Very colorful and nice representation. Like the elongated Purk.

  5. A beautiful zia Bonnie! And a beautiful post, with very sad last words ...... Hope we all wake up in time.

  6. I can see that you love this earth! I am intrigued by the colors, shapes and designs!

  7. you are so very right Bonnie
    the earth is talking screaming at us.
    and we are not listening.
    please lets listen....!!!!!!
    love your tile