Thursday, March 22, 2012


I love to doodle and draw.. if you are unaware of this... check out all the books I have published of my doodles... I really LOVE to doodle...  when talking on the phone, listening to someone talk, or just enjoying life... all times to doodle.... this is a combination of all of these... but also feelings... 

I love the glimmer of this page... I used a light coating of silver matte finish on the daisy... and it is so very pretty in real life... wish the picture showed you better... oh well... 

Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and hope that you have a wonderful day...  Love, Light and Peace.. Bonnie  


  1. Wonderful Doodles Bonnie. I love to doodle as well ,but nothing like yours. Have a lovely day. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. I just love to visit your's like a visit with you, Bonnie. I miss our group and our phone chats. So glad to always see what you're up to! Hugs.