Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's Tuesday...and The Diva wants STARS

Seems like time is flying by so quickly that some times I miss getting some things done on the day I want too... LOL...  so today is Tuesday and I am still working on Monday's list of things to do.. but I will catch up today... so have no fear... 

Today, I am going to make pickled Ginger... yummmy  and also sauerkraut.... which I love...  our kids will all be here by the first of the month and I need to have lots of different kinds of kraut... they love it all..  so do we.  

Also our asparagus are popping... and so I need to make another pot of asparagus soup... a household favorite... that is for sure.  The other way we love to eat them is totally raw... so very good for a nice spring time cleanse.  I also made a huge bowl of some really nice cole slaw... wow...  we have been eating so very good this year...  still eating lots of sweet potatoes too...  how great this garden has been to us this past couple of years.  Glenn is really a green thumb gardener.  

Okay... The Diva has asked for us to be inspired by the stars... what ever that means to us...  

Well my very favorite type of star is of course the ones in the sky... we have a wonderful vista of them most nights...  and the weather has been clear to see them as I lay in bed at night...  I love to watch them as I fall asleep... all of a sudden I am deeply asleep... and it is so wonderful...  

But another favorite is a firework that goes off in the sky... and shoots all kinds of swirls all over the place... and then has little ones that spin around... so that is what I have tried to capture here...  

  I found this star in a bunch of papers I had saved over the years.. and when I was cleaning things out... I saved it again... and so here it is... 

I love it...  and so this is my fireworks...  with the night sky all around it.. twinkling and all in lights...  

I had to add my little snail and also because I was looking at Maria and Ricks book on tangling... I had to add a little lady bug...  so cute...  

 I love drawing stars and did this one a while ago...  all the stars and some bunzo too...  love it of course...  

 Some more Bunzo and Aura Knots...  stars, and having fun...  

Have to love these tangling papers... I was trying to straighten up my desk area and came across a pile of tangles... have to now re-organize my books on all my tangles... the books are getting high...  I think I am on my 5th notebook filled with them...  all in plastic pages...  yikes...  I am a little prolific...  and I LOVE it...  

Well I do hope that you all have a WONDERFULLY fitting Spring day... and that the sun shines where ever you are..  Our yard is all in flower today...  so many of the trees are blooming, and the azaleas are all on color too...  a little later this year...  we have some weird things happening this year... the azaleas got their leaves about 3 weeks ago... and now they are blooming... usually they bloom first...  oh well.. the dogwoods are all blooming and it is so very pretty... the one in our backyard is really PINK...  love to see it all a glow... maybe in a few days it will be bright PINKS...  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit...  and also for all the wonderful comments...  I love and cherish each one.  Thanks a million.  

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie 


  1. Amazing the beautiful things you create each week. I really love your middle tile!

  2. It will be many days before my garden will be ready to use...but you make me hungry...for those delicious tasting garden gems. We too, love the stars at our house. I can tell they inspire you because your tiles are inspired!

  3. Lovely job on all three, lot's of movement and flow!

  4. yup you executed the stars wonderfully

  5. Love the flow in your tiles.

  6. Love the second one and the rounded rope-like star!

  7. All 3 are great. Like how well you did with quandry.

  8. All three are super! There are lots of dancing stars in this challenge.

  9. These are beautiful. You are prolific with tangles and cooking. The snow just left my deck three days ago. We will not have veggies for months. Enjoy