Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blind Sighted Challenge

What fun... every challenge that the Diva publishes is really fun and also a challenge in some way...  To find time was the real challenge this week... I had been tangling a little bit here and there this week... but yesterday was a really busy day.. . but I finally got it done...  

Yeah...  Finally 

I hope you can see the string I created blind sighted...  it sort of went out of the box a little .... ooops... but that doesn't bother me at all... I love being out of the box in all ways.  

I also had some fun this week with a few new Strings that were offered by  .. They are always so much fun too...  
 I felt I needed a little color in my Zen Tangles... so I added some.  I love the way the colors actually came out the way I wanted them for a change...  usually I am not happy about them... but today  I actually like them.  

This is String #49  

And then Maria Thomas, one of the founders of Zen Tangles sent this one in... #50...  I really got lost in doing this one...  I just kept on adding and adding new lines... and new tangles here and there...  a lot of tangling fun... and a good meditation... 

And then I also did a another free style by drawing a line and going from there...  

 This one was a real challenge for me... as I have a hard time with some of the tangles... but I got thru it... practicing different tangles in different ways is a challenge...  

I had to color in the pearls RED...  a little surprise here and there is always good...  

WEll a busy week ahead... our kids are all coming... so we will be enjoying them and doing different things... that is for sure.  

Hope you have a GREAT week... and tangle a lot of time... I will have get out some extra pens... as we will all enjoy a good tangle at the table  after dinner.  everyone but our son in law is an artist in some way... and he really is too... he paints cars!!!  Just a different form of artistry but a real art all unto it's self...  

Enjoy the week...  and absorb the sun... 
Thanks for stopping by for a visit... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie 


  1. Great work, all of them! Especially love colorful #2.

  2. Bonnie, I knew I would see beautiful things on your blog and I did! I especially like the leaf border on the second one. Gorgeous!

  3. All of the art you have posted in this blog is gorgeous. I like both the black and white and the color.

  4. As always I so enjoy your post! Each piece of zentangling you do is fantastic and full of beauty! Your blind string tile is wonderful!

  5. All of them look great. You seem to have Purk nailed. Yours look so nice and balanced. The shading is great also. Your second tile is great both for the color and the flow of your tangles.

  6. Thank You ALL so very much... I just wish that I could visit your site to see your work and make comments too... thanks again... I love you all... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

  7. Beautiful pieces all of them. And esspecially the second one with the purk in purk thing. I love the wavy result of the purk, and because of the colors it looks like there is a big purkshell on the outside, open broken, and there is the little purk lying in it. Great.

  8. Oh my gosh! Your work is 'over the moon' and I love all of them. Your zentangles are a weekly inspiration! Thank you so much!

    Be happy :)

    Jacque Solomon

  9. Absolutely beautiful work! Each tile is a masterpiece! I especially love the colorful one!

  10. You did so much beautiful things this week Bonnie. They are all great.