Monday, April 8, 2013

Diva Monday!!!

 This week I had a few things that I wanted to Tangle... and finally got them done!!!  First off were two cards... One for our daughter, whom we are very proud of... being a wife, Mom and works full time... she is also getting her bachelors degree.. and she graduates this week!!!!  So Congrats Heather Amy.... we love you and are very proud of you...  So I had to Tangle a card for this occasion.  
 It is our daughter in laws birthday and so I made a card for Casey too... 

Happy Birthday Casey...May this year be a happy one for you. 
 I went to the ZenTangle site... and Maria had done some lovely frame work.. so I decided to give a try again at framing... and this is what I came up with...  

Thanks for the challenge on this Maria... I did find it very enjoyable and will get some pictures into these... they are all on 8.5 x 11 paper... and will most likely be hanging on the wall soon... I have to find a little wall space first off...  

 I put some leaves in this one... and really enjoyed all the tangles too...  I really enjoyed doing this one though... and loved the way it turned out... 
And since I still had the mooka bug... I had to do one with all mooka...  I have to say though that I really didn't like the shading in the background.. I felt it took away from the actual mookas...  but  I totally did have fun creating this one.. that is for sure...  

 And then of course I had to do the I AM THE DIVA CHALLENGE.... as it is Monday again!!!!  Well I am right in style this week...  The Challenge is to use a string.... create a box, within a box, within a box, etc...  

So I used the frame above to create a box within a box...I really wasn't as fond of this frame as I was of the others...  

 So I took it and filled it in...  it is a large frame...  on a 8.5 x 11 paper...  but I did have fun with it...  

I love to make purk turn and twist...  and then I got into some other things that Maria had on some of her frames... I so love her work...  When I got to the center... I used a chain...  pulling it all together... LOL... and  then some hatching in the very center...  

 I also did this one...  I think that I like this one better... it is smaller... on a 5x5 paper... and very compact for me...  

I had to put the mooka in there... it was screaming to be used... LOL.. how can you disappoint a tangle... ????  

Well... I have a very busy week ahead of me... I am teaching a couple of classes this week.. and also have a lot of other appointments...  a fun week... so I am glad that I had time tonight to tangle a wee bit.... and also to share with you...  

Thanks for all the lovely comments that you all leave me.. .I certainly wish I could see your tangles... and also leave comments ... we are working on a way so that I can do this... it just might work...  

Have a GREAT week... and tangle to your hearts delight...  enjoy it all...  Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and see you soon... maybe I will even have some time in between to tangle some more...  

Love, Light and Peace... Bonnie 


  1. Beautiful work and what wonderful cards the gals will have to commemorate their graduation and birthdays!

  2. Great job on all of your tiles and frames!

  3. I love the cards & all the frames. The oval one is so sweet.
    I took a good look at that screaming mooka. It looks like it's waiting for its chance to devour all the other tangles.

  4. You are the master of the square! I love how gracefully beautiful your frames are! The square within the square is wonderful too!

  5. All of your work is lovely! I especially liked the Mooka frame and how you used it in the challenge this week. Very nice!

  6. Beautiful tangles! I love the frames. Great as always!


  7. Simply fantastic! Miss Bonnie, your work is an inspiration to me. A big thank you! Love it!

    Jacque Solomon

  8. Lovely, lovely work!

  9. Oh what great fun you are having Bonnie, your tangling shines.

  10. Great frames Bonnie. I love the one with Mooka!
    Hope it will soon be possible for you to view what all the orther tanglers make of Dare's and challenges.

  11. Oh wow! Your frames are gorgeous. Your work has such a grace to the lines. Love it!

  12. Loads of fantastic pieces, I love the frames, gorgeous

  13. This is my first visit, and I am wowed. Beautiful work--I can't even pick a favorite...but I am surprised at just how well mooka works into frames.

  14. I love all of your pieces.. there is much beauty here. I like your mooka shading. I have a tendency to shade it quite heavily, too. Yours pops, and I like that.

  15. Your work is incredible! I especially love all your borders. I think I'm going to try some border work in my sketchbook journal.

  16. Every piece is beautiful! I really love the oval frame, and the Diva challenge tiles!