Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thanks for all the LOVE

Today I would like to thank all of you who leave all these wonderful comments on my Blog.. and I am unable to return these wonderful comments to your blog...  and see all your wonderful work and play that you create...  So THANKS...  for all the LOVE...  

On Monday the Diva , Laura, gave us a challenge to use Maria's newest tangle called Quandry...  so I did a TIA... but as always I have to totally understand the tangle... so I started to play around with it... and finally decided to download the ZenTangle blog...  and when I got there I found some of the work that Maria has been doing.... and fell in love with the hearts and there was a square with these little x's and pearls all around it... I loved it... so in appreciation for all the LOVE, and all the wonderful tangles that Maria and Rick give to us... I did this piece..  

 I THANK you Maria and Rick for all the LOVE... 
(Have you ever been in a straw bale house... they always leave a space to show you that it is truly a straw bale house... so I left a space in the heart to show that it is all tangled underneath too.. .LOL...  So silly... but I felt like doing that ...  I love this technique and will most likely use it a lot.. . (it did take over an hour to download the Zentangle blog... I so wish I could get DSL or something a little faster than this dial up...  maybe some day the phone gods  will grace us with dsl out here... 

Then I had a few more minutes prior to starting to pack up the rest of my things for my classes over the next few days... so I did another tangle...  

  I really wanted to get to know this Quandry a little bit better... so I started to do it... and it was so very simple for me... once I connected the thoughts and not the lines...  ZEN.... wow...  ohhhhh 


The FLOWER of LIFE... where we all began...  I added some other flowing lines and things... just to give some action to this tangle...  I love it...  Thanks again to you all...  

Have a super wonderful day... and enjoy it all...  
Our March winds have arrived here... it is sunny... but very very windy today.. . 

Thanks for stopping by and also thanks again for all the lovely and sincere comments you leave.. . 

Love, Light and Peace....Bonnie  


  1. These are beautiful, Bonnie! Great job as always!

  2. You are a master with this tangle.

    I have to say Bonnie, that I love the way you always end your post.
    To you I want to say:

    Blessed be!

  3. Wow - so beautiful and even!!
    Kelley @