Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday, Monday

Well last night after I posted a few Zendalas, I went out into the kitchen and did a few more....  I really loved this one... it was so very flowing and I love that...  so here they are...  

 I wanted the center of this one to sink... and I got that ... but I wanted the next layer to look a little bit sunken too... and I didn't that to happen... but maybe next time I will... 

Trying to get different things to happen with shading.  

 On this one... I did the shading first...!!!! I had never done that before... so I tried it.... I was tired, and I really didn't think I would tangle it at all... but I did a little bit...  What fun that was..

Thanks Erin at  The Bright Owl  for the GREAT  Mandala to play with... hope that you have a GREAT week... and that school is good this week...  .  

Well... of course today is MONDAY... and that means that it is Diva Day... and today we are to use the NEW Tangle called QUANDRY!!!!  Wow...  fun and games galore!!!! 

So I started with a 8.5 x 11 piece of paper... and drew a random string... and low and behold I tried to stay in the lines... but the pen just wouldn't stay in... so this is what happened...  

 As you can see...  I really had a lot of fun creating this tangle.... and of course when I do have fun... the snail always has to join in too...  he just loves a good time...  

Well I can't stay on here... as we are waiting for a phone call... and being on dial up is just one of the things that creates a short BLOG.... LOL... 

Have a great DAY... enjoy it all... stay warm no matter where you live in the world... and TANGLE...  Thanks for taking a look at my tangling... and stopping by for a visit.. 

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie 


  1. 2dares and 1 challenge and each a glorious piece of art! Thank y.ou for sharing!

  2. All 3 are wonderful, I especially like your Quandry ZIA, nice work!

  3. Your work is such fun! Great job!

  4. All three of your pieces are just great!

  5. What great zendala's, Bonnie. I think especially the first on is outstanding. And your challenge? BEAUTIFUL.
    I'm still working on the new tangle, it's a real struggle for me.

  6. Love all three pieces! The last Quandary ZIA is bursting with life!

  7. Wow! Not one but two Zendalas and a Zentangle! All three are amazing! I love the snail, it's so cute!

  8. Beautiful, love the assortment of tangles.

  9. I am so impressed with your art. Just beautiful, each and evey one.

  10. These are great Bonnie! I love the Betweed in the top one, it is a favorite of mine! I like the 'pod' look of the bottom one as well and your snail, well, I am jealous of him getting to hang out in such great tangles!

  11. Thanks for sharing all these great works of art. I love the header on your blog too.

  12. Lovely zendalas and quandry piece!