Thursday, February 7, 2013

Beads of Time

So very often we DON'T think about time at all... for one reason or the other... we waste too much of it... and every precious SECOND is so very valuable.   Yesterday, like so many 'shopping' days, I take along my tangling in case I get stuck in the car waiting for Glenn to do his errands...  and so yesterday was so of weird... as I only was in the car for about 5 minutes alone... it seems that everytime we parked, there was someone  that wanted to talk???  So I got very little tangling done...  I really had counted on it too... I wanted to do some more of this Dansk and some of the other new tangles to me and get more use to the flow and ebb of their ability to move... LOL.. or my ability to move them around as I desire.. . 

I also did a new tangle... the one with the Chinese coins.. not really sure I enjoyed it enough to do it again... but will certainly try it...  I try to give each tangle at least 4-5 tries prior to saying I don't like it...  I generally don't like t o fill in squares...  but have found some that I like the boldness of... so that is good... 

Well this week... was a week when I didn't think I would ANY Time to tangle... and this is my 4th entry into the I AM THE DIVA challenge...  I love these types of challenges as I really give them a work out...  

  This tangle is 8.5 x 11 and I love the largeness of it... I was really able to use my .005 pen and get some really small details in there...  I also was able to allow the snail to come back for a visit...  she has been busy with other projects and finally took the time to sit while I sketched her...  she is so very special to me...  LOL... Love these tangles... each one is so very much fun... thanks to all who invented them... created the fun with each one of them... and then shared them with us to use in different ways...  

Zentangling has certainly expanded my life... and also everyone around me... my daughter and grandson are very prolific with tangling now... and my son has started to use some of the tangles in his wood sculptures... he loves Mi2...  very pretty... when I get a picture I will share it with you...  

Thanks for stopping by... and have a great day... it looks like it is going to rain here... but who knows... yesterday we saw DAFFODILS spring is not too far off for us down here in Western North Carolina...  and I am sure in other areas of the state it is already SPRING like conditions...  but out in the mountains we have a little bit different weather patterns...  but I love it here...  we have had a very light Winter... and in some ways that scares me a little bit...  but in other ways ... I LOVE IT..  

Enjoy your day... and each second of your day...  
Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie     


  1. Really nice piece. I like how your tangles interact with each other, I have yet to attempt/achieve that. Lovely line work too.

  2. You are an artist! I love this work of art!

  3. Very well done and your 005 pen did his work, mine is done need a new one! You made also one of my favourits the Y??? and than dansk.

  4. Oooooh I love this, so very beautiful!!!

  5. This tile is more then beuatiful!
    This week I saw the first snowdrops in my garden, when the snow disappeared (in The Netherlands). I LOVE that moment every year.