Sunday, February 3, 2013

A little Spice in my life

Today is Kombucha bottling day... and wow... we made this new one that is from Sweet Potatoes and Ginger... WOW... a LITTLE Spice???  YIKES... makes my mouth feel like it is on a good fire...  Love it... wow... Good Recipe for this drink... If you have never had Kombucha, it is a powerful healthy probiotic drink..very good for restoring and staying healthy...  it is generally made from tea, fruit and fermented to the right time... which was today... so delicious...  Everything from the farm ... right here!!!!  So good in so many ways..  

Well today on the ART front... Erin has given us a challenge to make our Zendala today with a few tangles... and I lost...  I used more than I should have... I just got so carried away with the design that I couldn't help myself... so sorry ERIN... but it was speaking to me in many different ways and I just went with the mood...

So... here it is... 

 I used three different colored pens.. one is a copic Sepia, one a sepia from Micron, and then a black one...  I got a little carried away... but it was from the Sweet potato Ginger Kombucha...  believe me it was...  

I did have fun with this... and also had fun the other day in the kitchen making a mock Mint Girl Scout cookie...  gluten FREE.... not kidding... and it tastes wonderful too...  Three people could not believe that it was gluten free...  we had company for dinner and their mouths were hanging down in sheer delight and also because she is totally on  a gluten free diet...  so she wanted the recipe...  I told her we would have to make them together, as I hadn't written it down yet!!!  Truth....  but truth be known...  I know that when we make them... we will have fun.. and the recipe might not get written down then either... LOL.. .

Well hope that you have a GREAT Day... and enjoy what ever it is you are doing... and thanks so very much for stopping by for a visit... wish I could give you some Kombucha to try... I know that you would love it... very good.. 

Hope you are on my main site and are able to see the surprise that was under the Mad Hatters Hat!!!  

Love, Light and Peace....Bonnie 


  1. i love your purk senter! wonderful!

  2. Beautiful drawn and Nice paterns.

  3. Wow. I really like your choice of tangles and color.

  4. Very very nice! Love the choice and placement of your tangles - purk in the centre petals is really pretty!

  5. There's not doubt that you're an "Artist!" Love your work. Always look forward to seeing what you are up to. Great rendition on this week's Zendala.

  6. Like your use of Purk. The composition of this is great.